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    What to do in Pinamar

    We've been offered a free stay at a friend's place in Pinamar for the carnaval weekend. Obviously beach/pool are things we're going to do, but we would love any other recommendations anyone has. We have a car, but it's not 4WD.
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    Big & Tall Clothing

    Any recommendations on where to buy big & tall clothing for men? Looking for semi formal to formal. I would normally buy when I visit the US, but haven't been back due to the pandemic. Starting to get a bit desperate lol.
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    Local Travel/Airbnb

    Does anyone know what the rules are for traveling/renting a weekend house within the Province you live in? I live in provincia de Buenos Aires and am wondering if I am allowed to rent an Airbnb in a barrio cerrado in Pilar or surrounding area for the weekend. Would love to have some open space...
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    4G Wifi router/modem

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a 4G router/modem? We are planning on renting a country house that doesnt have wifi. Owner says cell phone signal is decent. I could use the hotspot on my phone, but prefer not to have to rely on that/have to leave my phone at the house if I leave the...
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    Where to buy sofa/couch?

    Looking for a middle to upper middle quality sofa. Something a step or two up from sodimac, but not anything overly extravagant. Preferably an equinero. I'm in Vicente Lopez so anywhere around here or in CABA.
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    Best Outdoor Club

    Looking for recommendations on the best "outdoor club" to join. Something like club de amigos. We visited club de amigos and liked it but wanted to see if there are better options. Looking for something with a pool and tennis courts ideally. Thanks in advance!
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    Boat Charter El Tigre

    Does anyone have any leads on chartering a boat for the day for 6 people in El Tigre? Looking to cruise around for the day doing a private tour of sorts (does not need to be professional tour guide, just someone familiar with the area). Stop somewhere for lunch. It would be for early March. Any...
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    House Rental with Activites

    Hello Everyone, My family is planning to come visit in March and I was hoping for some ideas on a house rental somewhere in the country (at least slightly - doesn't have to be middle of nowhere). When I was living in Chile my family came down and we rented a house in the mountains (Cajon...
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    How to get to Campana

    Hello everyone, We are looking to take a long weekend at a hotel in Campana in BA provincia. I looked at renting a car, but we would be spending the whole time at the hotel/resort and it seems a waste to rent a car for that long only to use it 2 hours (plus expensive). I called the hotel...
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    Fly Tape

    Does fly tape exist in Argentina? If so, where would I go about finding it?
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    Hi Everyone, What are people's opinions on Montserrat as a neighborhood? Is it safe? Near the building with Evita.
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    Wisdom Teeth

    So, I went to the dentist this week over some tooth pain and was told I'll likely need to get my wisdom teeth removed. Has anyone had this done here? Any recommendations on a dentist? If I can wait until I make a trip back to the US, is it worth it?
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    Best place to buy a bed?

    Hey guys, Any recommendations on the best store to buy a bed in Capital (Quality, Price, Reliability of Delivery)?
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    Taxes on Computer Shipped from USA

    Hello Everyone, I'm arriving in BA in 2 weeks. I had some bad luck with my laptop HP Spectre 360x and cracked the screen. I'm trying to get it fixed before I leave, but the part is apparently on back order and may not arrive in time. If it's not ready before I leave, I was hoping to have...
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    Best Health Insurance Option

    Hello, I was hoping some people would be able to offer insights on what my best options are for private health insurance. I reached out to Cigna International and got a quote for about $300 per month for their premium insurance level. Does anyone have any experience with them? I have also...
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    Document Translation Of Original Or Copy

    Hello, I am attempting to complete the residency process through the Argentine Embassy here in the U.S. and had a question regarding document translation. They send all the documents to Buenos Aires to process through normal channels so the rules would be the same as far as I can tell. My...
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    Visit October 9 - 20

    Hello, I am planning on spending two weeks in Argentina. October 7th-21st. My exact itinerary is still somewhat in flux. It just occurred to me that the election on the 22nd could cause some issues. What will the days/week leading up to it be like? Do you foresee any issues with...
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    Can I Work With A Rentista Visa?

    This may be an obvious no, and if so I apologize. However, another country I was looking at (Chile) has a similar (though obviously not the same) periodic income visa that, without getting into the timing intricacies, allows you to work. They way that visa is explained on many forums and the...