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    Importing electronic goods?

    Thanks guys. I am in BA but leaving soon to the provinces, then I go to Chile/Bolivia- does anyone know the import taxes in those nations?
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    Importing electronic goods?

    Whats the normal procedure for importing electronic goods? My Dad is sending me a laptop and even if I have to pay the 50% tax its still cheaper for me than buying a new one here. Do you get it sent to the post office and the tax automatically gets adeed? Who decides the value of the laptop...
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    Africans in BA

    Their mostly Senegalese and a few NIgerians.
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    The first oil has just been hit but further apprasial drillings need to be made. Let the "FUN" begin.
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    Blonde small girl in Buenos Aires. How dangerous will it be for me??

    Interetsing post. Still suspect we are being trolled.
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    Monday Night Activities?

    Where does the pub crawl terminate normally? A club or bar?
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    Hey. I have arrived!

    I know Newlands very well. Went to school nearby.
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    Hey. I have arrived!

    Hey. Im from near Glasgow. We should arrange something during the week. Like a bar in Plaza Serrano.
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    DESPERATELY looking for gym with pool

    Hola expats After 8 months of travelling I have decided to settle down in the Palermo neighbourhood. I stay near Scalabrini Otriz y Paraguay, several blocks from Plaza Serrano. Its time to burn of all that beer, meet and wine that I have consumed during. Ive been craving swimming for all my...
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    Hey. I have arrived!

    30 year old guy from the UK. Just moved to the Palermo area for one month at least but will probably end up staying here long term. Would be cool to meet up with anyone living in the neighborhood too.