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    Where To Go On St Patrick's Day?

    Hey guys, Any irish bars around?? We are in Pilar but we can go to Capital..
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    Furniture Store Recommendations Anyone?

    Hi all, I am looking for some new furniture (not necessarily custom made) such as sofas for the living room (3 sections), coffee table, king size bed and outdoor furniture sets (not metal or wood though). Any place you guys can recommend from experience? Thanks!!
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    Designers or Artist? Read inside!

    Hi all, I started a design agency, where freelance artists are wanted. I get you the job and you name your price. If the client approves- you get paid! My company will offer a range of design services, from web design, logo, fashion, graphic design, 3D modelling, rendering, animation and film...
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    Virgin Mobile coming to Argentina

    But in like a year or so (check his twitter account) I hope Richard Branson can show the local companies how things are done and eat the competition. It's so easy to make money here all you need is to provide extra good customer service and you are a god. Can't wait to switch from Personal hehe
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    Does anyone here own a motorcycle?

    Talking about a heavy kind or racing kind not motorcross and not Harley type. I need a huge favor for Friday- Need it displayed in an exhibition, not to ride. Please PM me ASAP if you can help! You will get a catered meal and can get into an exclusive event if willing to help... Thanks!
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    Anyone going to see Chris Cornell?

    He is playing this Wednesday and Thursday, just found out today and got me 2 tickets for Wednesday, yay!! Anyone here going too?
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    Birthday party (baby) need ideas please!!

    Hi all, Next week I am having a small party for mymson who turns 1. I am going to have it in my house and expect approx 30 people. There should be about 15-20 kids aged 1-8. I need suggestions for enterntainment... I am thinking of having choripan, hamburgers and pizzas and empanadas, i have a...
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    Hi all! New in the forum, young family here

    Been here for 2 years. Living in Pilar, love this area, cannot imagine living in a small apartment in Capital... Have (an almost) 7 year old daughter and son of (almost almost!) 1 year old. Looking to make new friends, sane ones, who speak English. Tired of snobby mothers at school...