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    Tigre day trip this weekend

    Anybody up for a daytrip to Tigre/The Delta this weekend? We could get a group of expats together for lunch and a boat trip maybe?
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    La Bomba De Tiempo Monday Night

    Anybody interested in going to see La Bomba De Tiempo this evening? Late notice but the show is highly regarded and need to cross another item off my 'things to do in BA' list before I leave. Address is Sarmiento 3131 at the Cultural Konex - and the show starts around 8/9. url posts seem to...
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    Power socket same as Australia?

    Can any Aussies confirm if the Argentinian power socket is the same as Australian? The socket looks the same, however one website mentioned that the pins may be different and I don't want to end up frying my laptop. Many thanks.
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    Quality/Speed of internet

    In my hunt for an apartment, the majority of rentals all state that Wi-Fi is included. Could expats please report their experience of the speed and reliability of service of the typical "wi-fi" connection. Are connections 'unlimited' in their download quota (where I am from accounts are...
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    books on ba/argentina - suggestions please

    hi all! i will be making a trip to Buenos Aires in January next year for a minimum of six months and was after some recommendations on books to read prior. lurking the forum has been an incredibly useful resource but some light reading suggestions on history/culture/etc would be much...