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    English speaking doctor required

    I have Osde insurance. When I signed up, I received a book of all the doctors- organized by type of doctor. All of the doctors listed have addresses, phone numbers, and languages spoken. It is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on one by...
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    Any Mendoza Expats out there?

    just moved to Mendoza.... Love it so far. Always up for meeting a friendly face if you are still in Mendoza.
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    Buying a second-hand car

    I just did this. I heard it was very difficult and that I should not do it- but I did it anyway. It was not that bad- but I also did it in Bariloche- where the town is not so big and offices are not too far away. We also bought our car from an amazing couple who walked us through the entire...
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    Cheapest way to travel?

    Hi, So... have you thought about going to Salta or Jujuy? They are supposed to be great. Your bus tickets for two people will be most of the $300 if you go to Patagonia, Chile, Brasil, etc..... Also- Chile has a $130 "reciprocity tax" that is charged to American tourists. I had to pay this at...
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    ingredients for mexican food

    I can always find great, fresh cilantro- it is sold by a woman who sits outside the grocery store selling produce (she also always has the best albacha (basil). I can also find it- if I ask- by going to a verduleria.... you might have to go to a few, but you can always find one that has it...
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    Hate North Americans?

    Wow.... What a rude message. No one forced the English to support McDonald's or buy American things..... and last time I checked, McDonalds, TGI Friday's, Hooter's, etc... were all booming in Argentina with lines out the doors.... full of Argentines who choose to go there- no gun to their head...
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    Counterfeit Bills and Magic Mustard on Your Head

    I got handed one of these in a cab- it was late at night- the light in the cab did not work- but I could tell it was fake. The driver was in a hurry to get us out of the cab- I told him it was falso- but he said it was not. I have now learned a new strategy to dealing with this. Sometimes you...
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    Anyone running the BA marathon next week?

    I am running the marathon with two other people. It is my first as well, but not the first for the other two. We registered online- no problems- very easy. I have not heard of the police permission before. I ran the reebok 10k not too long ago- and it was not super organized- but also not hard...
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    Finding things to enjoy in Buenos Aires

    Get on the train and go to San Isidro - it is peaceful and a great and easy day trip away from the city. Tigre also has a ferry ride that takes you to a small walking city- there are no cars and everyone gets around on a boat. I love that I can sit in a cafe for hours and do not have to keep...
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    Which things should I bring when I move from the US?

    I wish I would have brought a light jacket- not just a heavy one. I also think finding good women's razors is hard to find- but I brought mine with a ton of blades. I do wish I would have brought less shoes- as the ones here are great. Clothing is not super expensive and you can find fun pieces...
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    depilación definitivo/laser hair removal

    I went to a place in Ricoletta. They have two other locations- downtown and in Olivos. It was super fast and very effective. I paid 120 pesos for my under arms. I was out in less than ten minutes. It only hurt a tad bit towards the end. Even after one time of going, I have to shave only 1 time...
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    Bariloche House for Rent

    Okay- so my boyfriend and I will be in BL from November 2 on- we are not sure how long we will stay- at least 3-4 mo. We need a place with a land line and great internet connection- and that is easy enough to get to by bus. Do you think your place fits this? If so- we would be interested in...