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    Looking For Math Tutor

    Hi We are looking for an mathematics tutor to teach our son (12 yrs) in Palermo area. English or Spanish is ok. If anyone knows of someone good and experienced, please let me know. Cheers
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    Pizza Flour & Cheese Advice Needed

    I have been experimenting with making home-made pizza and wondering if anyone can recommend a good flour and cheese. So far, I have been using 000 flour with standard mozarella cheese. I have heard it is better to use 00 flour (a strong flour) but cant seem to find it anywhere. Any...
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    Looking For Piano Teacher In Palermo

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a piano teacher who works with beginners or the musically-challenged ? My son (the beginner) and I are looking to learn. We live near Botanico Cheers!
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    Looking For Room Or Studio Close To Palermo Botanico

    I am semi-domesticated, middle aged and responsible and in need of a longish term rental place (room or studio) around Botanico. If anyone has any useful info, please PM me
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    Best Options For Long Distance Phone Call

    Need to make a important lengthy overseas call (Australia) with clear reception. Tried Skype & facetime several times but the audio quality was awful. I have a home phone line so wondering if anyone knows of a phone card or other options that may work. I used to buy cheap Chinese and Korean...
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    Help! Seeking Nanny/maid

    If anyone could recommend a reliable full-time nanny/maid to work in Capital, I would appreciate it greatly. We dont need English speaking skills.
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    Kids Bjj Class (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

    My kids have recently joined a BJJ class in Palermo (nr Cordobo y Gallo) and the teacher is keen to find a few more students. The classes are held on Tues & Thurs at 5pm and the age range is roughly from 7-13. My boys love the class and the teacher speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. PM me...
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    Need Architect Recommendations Please

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and competent architect to help oversee our apartment renovation? Ideally somebody who already has a crew of tradesmen (painter, tiler,etc). The job is in Capital.
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    English Tutor Wanted

    A family friend is planning an overseas trip mid 2015 and wants to brush up on his English (basic conversational level). I believe his hours are flexible and he prefers a teacher with an american accent. If anyone is interested please PM me.
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    Internet Verification Code Issues

    my cell number is an 8 digit number starting with 11. Microsoft wants to send me an sms verification code to enhance my security settings There are two windows on the page. One is a drop down country list (no phone codes). The other is a window for entering the cell number.I have tried several...
  11. M Operators With Some Tax Knowledge??

    I am distantly involved in a small family business here and have been asked by a foreign bank to provide a copy of the: company tax return tax notice of assessment (F.713?) certificate of company registration (certificado de habilitacion?) shareholders certificate (constitution de sociedad de...
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    Getting Married..need Restaurant Recommendation

    Two of my best friends are coming to town next week to get married and have asked me to find them a high quality, fun restaurant we can head to after the wedding. One of them is a vegetarian, so pure parillas are not on the list. Can anyone recommend anywhere really special with a good...
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    Claro Coverage In Uruguay

    I will be travelling through the interior of Uruguay and am keen to find out if I will still be able to make and receive calls with my Claro phone. Anyone??
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    Massage Recommendation, Please

    Hi Any recommendations for a good deep tissue or thai massage? Nick and Owen were previously recommended but both seem to have left BA. cheers mark
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    Any Ufc/mma Fans Out There?

    I am thinking it may be cool to watch some of the big events with a group of like-minded aficionados. Any fans out there?
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    Homework Tutor Needed

    I need someone to come to my house in Balvanera, twice a week, 1-2 hours per session starting around 5pm to help my two boys with some basic primary mathematics homework. I am paying 100 ARS/hour. PM if you are interested.
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    Does anyone happen to have a spare kombucha starter? I tried once (unsuccesfully) to get one going and am feeling game to give it another try.
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    Seeking Homework Tutor For Bilingual Primary Student

    I have two boys (6 and 8) who have been here for long enough to start losing their English. I am looking for a native speaker who is good with kids and possesses some relevant teaching experience to help them with homework (basic mathematics and English) once or twice a week (1.5 hours per...
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    Seeking Someone To Repair Some Broken Floorboards

    We have a few rotting and loose floorboards in our apartment (Balvanera). Any recommendations for a suitable repair-person would be appreciated. cheers
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    Where To Buy Grass-Fed Beef?

    I am looking for grass-fed beef. Until recent years, grass-fed was the norm in Argentina but I understand that the majority of ranchers have adopted cereal feed-lots. If anyone knows (rather than speculates) where I can buy grass-fed or mainly grass-fed beef, please let me know. I am also...