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    Migración Officials Visiting Your Workplace?

    Yes a few years ago we had a visit to the office from migraciones but it felt rather like a shakedown ie they were looking to check our registered expat employees and moreover see if we had more unregistered ones we hadnt declared. Each member of staff had to show photo id to prove identity. No...
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    A Bat In La Plata Was Found To Have Rabies

    We found a bat and handed it to the local animal hospital in Caballito as far back as 2007 and they called us to say it was rabid. Seems to be horses for courses in Bsas.
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    Are Argentina Girls Really That Bad?

    I don´t think they are more depressed rather more optimistic that therapy can solve issues from weight loss, being happier or finding the right husband. I´ve had so many conversations with friends and employees about the subject and they generally see therapy as fundamental a part of their...
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    I Have Many Jobs In Argentina!

    The links have expired but the site is active. If you go to Current openings you´ll see Buenos Aires positions and a contact link...
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    American Airlines 'standard Operating Procedure'?

    Maybe the CEO´s wife might stand behind him...but then again his mea culpa today was so "tone deaf" even she may be signing up to be the hangman. I am fairly tolerant of corporates needing to do what they do in a horribly litigious world but this poor guy was treated so badly and no doubt half...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Anything from egg shape to rounded rectangle here...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Chris for sure a terraced house or appt would be much cheaper utility wise. My friends in apartments don´t have any heating. They think it´s funny an Irish lass needs central heating but honestly in winter in a well built house with thick walls you´d be warmer outside than in as the houses are...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Sorry Im British/Irish so cant comment on the US residence process. I can confirm there is a wealth tax - the first 700k euro are tax exempt. Utilities aren´t cheap. Spanish electricity prices are some fo the highest in Europe...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Heading there tomorrow to pick up a child´s friend for a sleepover and enjoy lunch with those fabulous views. One special time of year is July/August with Noches Blancas when the local spots (2 Museums,Church and Castle) are open free to the public 9pm to 2am. It´s just one of those very local...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Steve, how time changes everything. Here we are united in a love of property and me having made an almost Democrat to Republican volte face who thinks the nation needs more armed not less. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa for the times well past of petty argument.
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Well I´d be delighted to meet up with anyone popping by. AS I mentioned before i live in a mere village of 250k people and I need to go to Seville for a broader cultural reach like theatre but I am thoroughly involved in the local culture and have a very large group of mostly Spanish friends. My...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    We own our property in Jerez de la Frontera - rental per week in high season (Semana Santa - end August) is approx. 1800 to 2500 euros per week for a well appointed 3+ bedroom property plus pool. Most rentals are to UK, Swedish and other EU countries. Our friends in San Lucar de Barrameda and...
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    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Chris is quite a good site for up to date pricing. If you search by Cadiz/localidad min precio you can get an idea of the many cities in Cadiz province. Cadiz itself is a really fun city with some lovely beaches.
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    Lisbon Vs Buenos Aires

    I will of course second this having settled in Andalusia some 5 years ago, outside Seville. The people are just the best I have ever encountered in my life. I just took 3 Spanish friends to celebrate St Patrick´s with me in Dublin last weekend and we didn´t stop talking or laughing for 4 days...
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    Lisbon Vs Buenos Aires

    A previous regular on this board (James Tusa) moved to Valencia in 2014 and bought a place there in 2015. I met up with him on a visit to Andalucia. I have his email I can send by PM if anyone is interested in trying to meet up and get his perspective
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    Hard To Find/expensive Products From The States

    Please be assured that from a country that produces spray cheese the UK no longer assumes the mantle of worst cooking
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    Understood and wishing you well. There are definitely Sunday mornings I wish someone would treat me instead of me spending an hour making a stack of 20+
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    Oh please...honestly pancakes are about as easy as making toast. Just ensure you buy a small cheap frying pan and Mix 1/3 flour (approx 200 grams), pinch salt, 3 heaped tablespoons sugar, teaspoon baking powder. Blend Make a well in the middle, add 1 egg, and milk to blend until consistency of...
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    Chicken/beef Stock

    Oso bucco bones are particularly fab..all that delicious marrow you can´t get at with a knife bring a great meat flavour to any stock...
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    Getting Around Ba With A Toddler

    We used a n inflatable booster seat called a bubblebum...great for taxis and rental cars alike