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    Water Birth - Natural Child Birth in Argentina

    The mid-wife I worked with has been practicing for over 20 years at least and assisting homebirths for many years. She works with several hospitals as well. I wouldn't say mid-wifery is a new trend, per se, being that there have always been trained mid-wives in hospitals. But yes, perhaps...
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    Water Birth - Natural Child Birth in Argentina

    Hello, I had a homebirth here in Argentina, in Buenos Aires in Oct 2008. I found the same sort of situation with doctors here as well. So I set out on a search online for midwives and read a very informative book about childbirth and natural childbirth in Argentina called PARIR EN LIBERTAD by a...
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    Hello, My name is Agnes. I'm looking for a playgroup for my 13 month old (English speaking or otherwise). Has anyone started one? I live in the west of Capital - FLORESTA, DEVOTO but would willing to meet up in other areas. Please contact me at Thanks in advance!