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    Video Games Store

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for a good video games store where I could find second-hand games for Playstation 2 (i know it sounds terribly geeky..), anyone knows one? I know there are loads of fakes/copies around, but I dont have the chip to read them, so i'm looking for second-hand games...
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    Plaza Dorrego

    Hey! I found a flat just next to Plaza Dorrego, but I was wondering if the area is safe at night?? I've never been there at night yet, so any opinion would be appreciated! Thanks Edouard.
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    English/American Libraries in Buenos Aires

    Hello there! Well I'm a 23-yo French guy (feeling a bit like an intruder here ;-)) and I'm moving to Buenos Aires next week. There are loads of topics about accommodation so i'm not going to ask about good/bad barrios again (though I must say I was planning on looking for a flatshare in San...