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    Protein Supplements

    How common are protein supplements in BsAs? In particular, I am searching for shakes but I am open to any form at this point. I searched for some at my local supermarket and found nothing (unless I failed to translate correctly). What is the brand name or what verbage should I look for on...
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    Counterfeit Bills and Magic Mustard on Your Head

    I went to the Subte this morning to purchase a new 10 ride pass and quickly found out that I was trying to spend counterfeit money. I think a cab driver gave me the fake bills. Luckily, I had enough real money to get the 10 trip pass but it was definitely an eye opening experience. I have...
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    Best Place to Watch Packers/Vikings on Monday Night Football

    I am making a solid effort to enjoy all the things BsAs has to offer, but I cant miss this game. Favre returns to Lambeau field wearing Purple. Go Pack! Any suggestions on the best place to watch a Monday Night Football game? I could watch it at my apartment but I need to work on my Spanish a...
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    2 Month Stay. Arriving this weekend.

    Hello. My name is Jordan and I am arriving in Buenos Aires this weekend. I will be there to work with some of my team members for two months so I am hoping to get to know more about the city, people and sharpen my Spanish during my stay (which is very weak today). I am currently pursuing an...