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    Ok, I havent been around!

    Its been like a year I think since I've posted last! The thing is that I always wanted to go to the get togethers they post here, but I couldn't. I'm from Argentina but lived in the US, I know that people that comes here want to practice spanish, but "maybe" there is someone that doesn't mind...
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    English/Spanish Kindergarten-Bloomfield in Belgrano?

    Hello! Well I guess you're lucky, because not only I know this kinder, but my daughter also went there when she was 3 years old. I enrolled her there because I live only 3 blocks away and it seem as a good choice.. at the time at least.... Well the only thing that I can tell you now, and I don't...
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    Wheelchair Friendly Hostel

    I work for the health ministry and we don't have this kind of information, the place where you should go, or call, and get a book for handicaped that is totally free is: Copidis:
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    Bratty Argentine Children & Public Tantrums

    In my experience, I HATE it when kids start crying and the mother doesn't even try to calm them down, or when you see kids slap their mother, or pull their hair... I have a 12 year old daughter, and since I hated that before she was born, I guess that it was into me, to raise her as not to make...
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    Where to find baking supplies?

    there's this big baking supplies 1 in belgrano, they have a lot of stuff. I can't tell you the exact address, but its in a "galeria" in Av. cabildo, but not the Cabildo side, you have to go all the way down to Ciudad de la Paz, between Mendoza and Olazabal. If you go down Ciudad de la Paz is...
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    apartment for rent!

    Ok, my neighbored rents and apartment she has, I'm going to attach some pics and the info, any question, pm! Apartment for rent: temporary/monthly in Belgrano R, Buenos Aires. Location: Av. El Cano and Freire, few blocks away from Av. Cabildo and Virrey del Pino (subway station Jose Hernandez -...
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    MY football team

    Estudiantes de la Plata here :$ Luv them :D
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    Where to buy a baby present?
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    I miss that pie so much!!! :D
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    Hi! I was wondering if any of you has any idea where they might sell rhubarb, I want to bake some strawberry/rhubarb pie, but I can't seem to find any -.-:mad:
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    Question about Colonia Express to montevideo

    ¿Cuál es la distancia entre Buenos Aires y Colonia? La distancia entre Colonia y Buenos Aires es de 27 millas (50 kms) ¿Cuál es el tiempo de duración del trayecto? La travesía se realiza en 50...
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    Poker night anyone?

    naaa they do go out! some here wanted to meed more expats, well they dont know you guys post here I believe... :o
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    Peruvian restaurants

    the good thing about Osaka is that you can order half of what ever, for my bay I always choose arabic food, we aways go to Garbis, but this year we went to Osaka and everyone ordered half of everything... we ate soooo much!! and it was really good food, but you have to call in advance and make a...
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    Peruvian restaurants

    I went here to celebrate my sis b-day... excelent food, and they're like american meals, the servings are really large!! and good prices! El Cocoroco Olazábal 2571 – Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel. +54 (011) 4788-6288 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +54 (011) 4788-6288
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    Poker night anyone?

    there is this online poker group, they're mostly from the states, they moved here as many of you, they get together to play poker (even if they play online), play soccer, go to bars, and stuff like that. I don't know if they want me to post it here, so anyone interested pm me and I'll contact...
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    Giving birth in Buenos Aires....?

    Best place to have a baby: Clinica y Maternidad Suizo Argentina
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    New restaurant, need opinions

    let me give you an example: when they first open Mcdonals here, you could get the mayo, ketchup and mustard from the counter you have to ask for it... why? because when you could get them yourself there where people that would take ALL the mayo and stuff home.... And another...
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    Recommend a city

    Usuahia has a lot of tourist, my sister lives there, she went once and never came back... she loves it. But you have to like cold weather, the only "hot" she gets is in December and January, where you can have a sweater on and be ok :P Apart from that, the job demand is REALLY high, because not...
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    Cablevision HD service

    are you ever gonna write something else besides contradicting everyone that thinks something about arg. that you don't like? so boring....
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    Know a good dentist?

    You can try the public hospital if you dont want to pay: HOSPITAL DE ODONTOLOGIA Sánchez de Bustamante 2529 Capital Federal (011) 4805-5521 or here are some private ones: Nombre: Casasco, Arturo Teléfonos: 4804-7327...