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    BA Expat census (for fun...)

    Canada, 32 since Dec 30 09
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    Looking for Apartment with some Character

    You can definitely get that in San Telmo but it's tricky to find an owner without going through an agency. Our old landlords had great places there for 800 or so (for 2 bedrooms, very large, etc) but through them directly. Through the agency their places were more like 11-1200 (2 or 2.5...
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    Watching the World Cup

    LOL I agree... I'm not seeing anything value-added here. Expat pricing is so cute :rolleyes:
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    Preparing to take the plunge

    1-2K a month plus working? For a recent grad? Not necessary. I spend that, and I live well and spend more than I need to. Yes people think it's a lot cheaper here than it is.. but it's not THAT expensive either. You just need to be smart about it. Obviously the more the better, but the main...
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    New restaurant, need opinions

    Steve, without going into details, rest assured that in a couple of months, I know a place you are going to be really, really happy with, food-wise. Not a sports bar so doesn't address that but your list below hits a lot of what it is going to be... :D
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    New restaurant, need opinions

    I must have phenomenal skills at picking restaurants, bc I rarely experience such terrible service or horrible food. More often than not the server checks in - Todo bien ? - at least once or more. My primary complaint is that I definitely eat more pizza than I want to ... And I want free...
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    Long-termers, how do you deal with being homesick?

    Here's a quote I've always liked that a friend (who has been an expat in the UK for nearly a decade) has on her fb profile : I would not know how to instil a taste for adventure in those who have not acquired it. (Anyway, who can ever prove the necessity for the gypsy life?) And yet there are...
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    I agree - go for quality over quantity. There is a lot of lower quality malbec exported out of Argentina, but what is harder to find and more expensive is some of the higher quality wine. If you can only bring a couple of bottles, may as well go for a value point that you can't obtain at home...
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    San barrio in BA!

    Honestly, San Telmo in the daytime / early evening rocks. Great variety of fruit and veggie places, bakeries, butchers, cafes. The people who work in them are friendly and remember you very quickly - as a whole I find it's a friendlier, more personable area than Palermo in many ways. Sure...
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    Peruvian restaurants

    Just wanted to update that so far, my two favourite Peruvian places are the most casual (and cheapest): solopescados (on Anchorena to the side of the mall) and... one that was mentionned perhaps, about a block from the Abasto mall ON Corrientes (whose name I can't recall). Plenty more to try...
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    Megatlon- a warning

    Yes, this is hardly a rare occurrence with gyms or similar businesses that charge a monthly fee. One of the reasons one should avoid automated payments with anyone other than a usage-assessed provider (eg electricity, mobile phone, etc).
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    To everyone who lives in Palermo...

    Palermo is lovely and convenient but certainly pricey. That said, it's not the island of wealth and foreigners that many people think (myself included, a few months ago). While the boutiques and restaurants primarily cater to tourists and expats earning dollars, there are clearly tons of...
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    Free text messages in BA through computer

    Nice! Anyone know if that works (on Personal) with the dreaded pay-as-you-go non-plans ? (ie I'm sure I will get charged for receiving but will I in fact receive it) - does it work from abroad as well ?
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    Any ideas on where to buy a BlackBerry Pearl trackball in BA?

    My trackball has been sticking lately - though minor 'surgery' helped (ie taking it all apart and cleaning the wheels), I fear condition will worsen and eventually prove fatal. Thanks!
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    Ok ladies, I am having trouble packing..

    Bring your clothes. While I have found some really nice stuff here - it's pricey. The cheap stuff is so hit or miss I wouldn't count on it - I never thought I would miss Gap or H&M so much but I do... to be able to just walk in and choose one item in different colours in a selection of sizes at...
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    Planning BA Trip--Help Please

    Hotels: In San Telmo there are a few really nice boutique places, but the main one that I would want to stay at is Mansion Vitraux. Have a friend who loves the Gurda, though. While it's not the most convenient area at night (or the safest, you need to be sure to stay in the popular/touristy...
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    Recommendations for dinner delivery in Palermo ?

    I was planning on going to see the Canada-USA hockey game tonight but alas I've come down with the worst cold, am completely sick and even after resting all day, it was too draining an option to go. So we're watching it online... and still kind of craving some pub food. Or any food! Any...
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    Phillips wake up light

    No idea but I need one! :) I've always wanted one of these lamps but thus far they have been unspeakably ugly or impossible to source (have seen previous phillips prototypes).
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    WiFi in Palermo

    There is a small quiet cafe/restaurant called BEN. It's on Serrano just below Niceto Vega (towards Cabrera). It's generally not very busy, the food is consistently decent, and they have wifi. Bright, open space. Another coworking space is called Cowork Central, but again, there is no food...
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    Winter Olympics

    We find we're about to watch most shows on links via the sidereel site - and they seem to have some of the Olympics on there. Worth checking out but it won't be real time.