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    Stuck With Extra Pesos, ISO ASAP Exchange at Great Rate

    Looking for $100 for 4500 pesos. Has to happen in the next 6 hours and near Austria y Pacheco de Melo. Don't have time or patience to bargain. I've got all 100s, looking for nothing smaller than 10$ US bills. Thanks (and sorry if I am violating any posting rules here), Bob
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    Chauchau Alternative?

    I've been buying and really enjoying chauchau. But now the season seems to be over. I've seen something similar but a bit fatter but also flatter. Maybe these things...
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    Pixel 2, Google Fi , 2 phone numbers - 1 local, 1 US ??

    I have a Pixel2 and Google Fi and I am convinced that I can have two numbers. Does anyone do this? Experience? In the past when visiting here I used a Nexus 5 and just exchanged my US sim chip for my Personal chip. Of course that has obvious disadvantages but saved me a lot of money. This...
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    ISO Ham Flavoring

    Has anyone seen any kind of ham flavoring here? It's so great on steamed green beans. I don't mind killing an afternoon wandering around China Town, but if anyone knows of a sure source I'd sure be interested. Thanks, Bob
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    Finding a dishtowel which actually absorbs water?

    How would I find a dishtowel here which actually absorbs water? The one I bought at the local Disco and which claims to be cotton actually repels water. So I asked the landlady for one and she gave me one but it doesn't really absorb water either. What label do I need to look for and where...
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    500 and 1000 peso notes, terminology

    How do you refer to the 500 and 1000 peso bills? Mil peso billete? Cinco cien peso billete? Or something else. Thanks, Bob
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    Watching US Netflix? (Google Fi VPN?)

    I can'f find any recent discussion of this subject. (Due in part to the fact that "vpn" is not a valid search word here.) Does vpn still work? Which vpn providers work or work best? Does the Google Fi vpn work? Thanks, Bob
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    Prune Juice?

    Is it available in BsAs? If not are dried prunes available? Thanks, Bob
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    Fixed line telephones with 11- prefixes?

    I've always thought that phone numbers starting with 11 or 15 followed by 8 digits were cell phones. But just now when I tried to send an SMS message to an 11-xxxx-xxxx number I then got an SMS text (but not in the same thread) saying "Gracias por utilizar el servicio de envio de SMS a...
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    What banks will change dollars into pesos without requiring you to have an account with them?

    I prefer to use a bank. But if no bank will exchange dollars for pesos unless you have an account with them is there a non-bank exchange place near Austria and Las Heras? Thanks
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    "Vto" in Personal Usage/Balance Text Msg

    I am sure it has been asked before but "Vto" is too short for a search argument. What does Vto mean in the message: Saldo $71.05 Vto:07/02 / Datos: 51185 KB Vto:24/01 A related question ... when I add credit to my phone at a kisoko do I have to specifically ask for talk, text, and data or...
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    ISO English Speaking Piano Teacher - Jazz and/or Blues ...

    ... for the last week of January and February. Probably a long shot but I'll appreciate any leads. Thanks, Bob
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    Fixins For Chili Con Carne

    I've been thinking that I might bring a package or two of McCormicks Chili seasoning back to BsAs. But I don't recall ever seeing two of the essential ingredients there - beans (either dark red kidney beans or black beans) and canned diced tomatoes. I know I could use fresh tomatoes but would...
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    Where Can You Buy Humus Here?

    I've tried two grocery stores but no luck. I am not interested in making it. I'd just like to buy 1/2 a cup or a cup. Thanks, Bob
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    Leather Belts For Men; Where Would I Find A Large Selection?

    Wandering up and down Florida, including all of the stores in the Galerías Pacífico, and looking in the display window of every men's store and leather store I pass, I have not seen any store which looks like it would have a large selection of leather belts for men. Any recommendations...
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    Where To Find A Nightlight?

    Any ideas on where to find a nightlight? I tried the electrical section at Easy and the baby aisles at Jumbo but no luck. I don't care about appearance, but I would much prefer CFL or LED over incandescent. Thanks, Bob
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    Kellogg 100% Bran Cereal ?

    A year ago I could find the Original but not my preferred Bran Buds. Yesterday I could not find any Kellogg 100% bran cereal at either of two Discos. I bought a local brand and it is edible. But I'd sure like to find one of the Kellogg products. Not interested in anything less than 100%/...
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    Sending A Text Message To The Us (Personal)

    I am trying to text to this number: 00-1-us_number_including_areacode But I am getting this response from Personal: Personal le comunica que el destino al cual se envia el mensaje no se encuentra disponible. I've tried different variations of the us number but all give the same result...
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    Mercadolibre Basics

    My Spanish is not good enough to make sense of the help info on MeradoLibre. And in my experience Google Translate is not much better than my Spanish. I'm interested in a piano. I asked the seller if I can see it but he says that the rules won't allow him to give me an address or phone...
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    Cost Of Travel (Extranjero Vs. Paraguayan)

    For flights and hotel accommodations within Argentina does it make any difference if you are a complete foreigner (e.g. US citizen) or Paraguayan? Thanks, Bob