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    English Speaking Doctor

    Anyone have any suggestions as to were to find an English speaking doctor? I'm perfectly healthy but need to have a simple physical exam for a job. I live in Barrio Norte and am also a student so the less pesos I have to spend the better. :) Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Wi-Fi in BA

    What would I have to do in order to set up wi-fi in my apartment? Are there any internet service providers that people prefer? I am also curious how expensive wi-fi is per month. Any thoughts? :-)
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    Apple Computer

    When I come down to Buenos Aires in mid December I want to be able to bring my iMac. It has a 20" screen and is about 2 years old. Because of it's size I will be unable to have it be my carry-on so I will have to ship it. My questions are: Would I have to pay the crazy tax I keep reading...
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    One way ticket

    So last July I visited Argentina for 30 days. Now I plan on returning to Buenos Aires to live. One question that I have is that will I have any issues with my one way ticket and 90 day tourist visa?