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    Hey mamas! Need a professional nanny/sitter?

    Hi there! I have an infant (and need a night out) and would love your contact information as well!
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    Beware of RentingBA (not RentinBA)!

    Thank you for all the feedback regarding the situation my parents had with their $500 deposit and RentingBA. Just to conclude and answer the question that was posed - my parents were eventually reimbursed for the money they lost under the consumer protection policy of Visa. This money did NOT...
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    Beware of RentingBA (not RentinBA)!

    My family recently came into town for a visit and had a terrible experience with the rental company they used to rent a temporary apartment here in Buenos Aries: RentingBA ( After paying ahead of time a US$500 deposit, nobody showed up for the appointed check-in time. The...
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    Pregnancy in BA

    There is a very active expat baby and mom's group here in BA. If you send me your email I can get you connected on their Facebook page. You can also find their memebers here on this thread:
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    Pregnancy in BA

    I am in my 8th month of pregnancy and have had a wonderful experience so far with my doctor, OB care, etc. here in BA. I can't say its the same as it is in North America - but I have been comfortable with it. I actually am a L&D and maternity nurse back in the States and have worked with many...
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    Pregnancy in Buenos Aires

    BittyStar, Don't worry! The medical system here is great, Aleman is wonderful and having your baby here doesn't automatically mean you're getting a C-section. I am a maternity nurse from the US and I have a business here helping English-speaking expats through the labor & delivery process...
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    Water Birth - Natural Child Birth in Argentina

    Thanks to those of you who shared some great information! I have been looking for providers who provide home and water births - without much luck. Although I don't offer these myself, I do offer doula services as well as private or group birthing classes (antenatal classes) in English. Please...
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    Hominis Insurance-OBGYN

    Not sure if they work with Hominis insurance but Dr. Patrica Granja 4771-3104 is WONDERFUL and speaks excellent English. Not an OB, but great for gynecology. Also, OBGYN Dr. Juan Carlos Procaccini 5787-0147 speaks English and comes highly recommended.
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    Mum's to Be

    I think I have already met a few of you but I just wanted to introduce myself to those of you that I don't know. I am a nurse from the US specializing in maternity and I offer antenatal classes, doula services, lactation support here in BA... in English :-) If you have any questions, need...
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    Childbirth Education Classes English

    If you are pregnant and looking for childbirth education classes in English here in Buenos Aires check out Buenos Aires Babies. Next group class starts in December. Also offering private classes, doula services, and lactation support.
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    Prenatal Vitamins?

    a quick update: I went with a friend of mine today to Farmacity. She asked for prenatal vitamins and they were given to her without a prescription. Go figure :-)
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    Prenatal Vitamins?

    Vitamin A is the most concerning during pregnancy. As far as the other nutrients go, it is important to be getting enough (ie: folic acid, iron, calcium, DHA, etc.). Sounds like you are on the right track with already taking calcium, fish oil/DHA, folic acid, etc. However, when you do get...
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    Prenatal Vitamins?

    Congratulations!! I am a maternity nurse and just wanted to chime in about the prenatals. Excess Vitamin A can be harmful to a developing fetus. This vitamin, along with several others, doesn't get excreted in excess, but is actually stored in fat which can build up in your system and cause...
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    Giving Birth in Buenos Aires: Childbirth Education Classes

    For those of you who are (or know someone who is) looking for English-speaking childbirth education classes, labor and delivery support, lactation assistance, postpartum support, etc. in Buenos Aires, please check out the new website! ;) Thank you.
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    Giving birth in Buenos Aires....?

    Good News! The website is up and running for those who are giving birth to a baby in Buenos Aires and interested in these services: I give group birthing classes, provide labor and delivery support, post delivery assistance with lactation, infant care and birth...
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    Selling a laptop

    Hey! We are selling our brand new Acer Asprire 553 laptop. It has 3GB memory, 160 GB hard drive, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Trend Micro Antivirus all preloaded. Let me know if you are interested!
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    We make this just about every 3 days. Seriously cheaper to make than to buy. Many recipies online. Here is one: It calls for Tahini paste, which is like $30 pesos at the supermarket and will last forever. However, I never...
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    Argentina is Third best place for maternity

    Just a quick explanation because I think this article was a bit misleading. I have read the source of this article, the study done by Save the Children, a group which publishes an annual report called "State of the World's Mothers" Yes, Argentina is ranked 3rd among "less developed" countries...
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    Giving birth in Buenos Aires....?

    Thank you to everyone for your responses! I really appreciate your feedback. I am getting my website ready and will post it soon for those who are interested. Hopefully the website will address all of the questions asked on this blog! Thanks again!
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    Giving birth in Buenos Aires....?

    For all of you who have given birth in Argentina or WILL be giving birth in Argentina... I have a question for you! I am a labor and delivery RN from the States and am interested in helping women through the birthing process here. The idea is I would like to provide English-speaking women...