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    Ok, I havent been around!

    Its been like a year I think since I've posted last! The thing is that I always wanted to go to the get togethers they post here, but I couldn't. I'm from Argentina but lived in the US, I know that people that comes here want to practice spanish, but "maybe" there is someone that doesn't mind...
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    apartment for rent!

    Ok, my neighbored rents and apartment she has, I'm going to attach some pics and the info, any question, pm! Apartment for rent: temporary/monthly in Belgrano R, Buenos Aires. Location: Av. El Cano and Freire, few blocks away from Av. Cabildo and Virrey del Pino (subway station Jose Hernandez -...
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    Hi! I was wondering if any of you has any idea where they might sell rhubarb, I want to bake some strawberry/rhubarb pie, but I can't seem to find any -.-:mad:
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    English magazines?

    Sorry to post this here but since it's for books, but didn't know where to post it! Has anyone had any magazine subscription from the US? I'm interested on getting some magazines. But I'm afraid that since you have to pay them with credit card, I sign up and the mail service gets them lost or...
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    Hello everyone

    I don't know if this is only for people that comes to argentina. I am argentinian, but lived in Michigan until I was 20 (Im 36 now). I was looking for a place that would sell peanut butter reeses and this forum came up.!! Im really grald though because I've been looking for something like this...