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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    Is Argentina going to keep on its course of degenerating from a first-world power in 1910 to a third-world basketcase, or will the youth in Argentina soon manage to effect a spiritual revolution and movement to revitalize the Idea of the Nation?
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    Persecuted by C. Kirchner in Dream

    Does this happen to anyone else? I keep having nightmares about Cristina K ...something about her face and manner on TV/newspaper has been getting to me. In the dream she was accusing me of not paying at a crappy third-rate cafe while also coming on to me. I also had a nightmare about her...
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    Vladimir Putin: Alpha

    also and don't forget, By comparison in the US we're ruled by the likes of Barney Frank, bug-eyed Pelosi, adolescent-voiced Tim Geithner, ballet-dancing indoor "tough guy" Rahm Emanuel and of course the prissy nerd-in-chief Oboma.
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    Bottle of Vodka and Fight

    There is a nice-ish restaurant where the waiter knows me and I brought a bottle of vodka (Wyborowa...goes down very smooth) to have there on my own, watch the people, and so on. As it happens I had something like 7 coffees that day, I was very wired. The vodka added to this and made me very...
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    What's Wrong with the Young Guys in BA??

    There are a lot of exceptions to this, but there seems to be something seriously wrong with the younger guys in BA. The girls here are attractive overall, physically and and also they have a sense of's a style imported from Paris and NY, but whatever, it looks OK on a lot of them...
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    The Good Food in BA Thread

    It's a given that food here is awful and the Argentines have no idea how to cook, but enough complaining about this. The question is how to get around it. I've decided to list some good dishes I've been able to find. Even though most restaurants are bad, they may have one or two dishes that are...