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    Tough Times Ahead?

    The current government economic policies could never work over the long term and their shortcomings are becoming more evident daily. In my opinion major economic problems or a meltdown are just a matter of time. I am just curious what economic policies are you referring to? On what do you base...
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    Moving to BA from NYC - advice needed

    If that generalization was "far more accurate than not" I would be worried if I were you. Isn´t your girlfriend Argentine?
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    Expatriates watching the Super Bowl?

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    Global recession and Argentina I suggest everybody to watch this interesting 60 minutes interview.
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    lawyers or people good with law

    8.000 or 10.000 is too expensive just to set up a "regular", local company. The price will vary for example if you have a foreign company and you want your foreign company to be a shareholder of the local company. That would require additional work.
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    Long term rental advice

    This is completely overpriced. Look someplace else.
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    lawyers or people good with law

    how much is too much?
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    Jedard, you disgust me. Not because of "what" you say, but rather "the manner" in which you express your ideas. I don’t care how argentine your wife is. Matty, your sarcasm is getting boring. Try something else to get a laugh from the rest of the expatriates...
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    Viloence against women

    Very funny. You could continue with: "and there aren´t any ungrateful expats, who bitch and moan "about the cow (Argentina), even though they are continuously milking it (for example living a pretty good life style on a cheap budget)"
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    Re: These prices are killing me - 2

    Its not a fair question, but I will answer it any way. In some sectors yes and in other no. Let me ask you a question, has the unemployment rate decreased?
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    Re: These prices are killing me - 2

    The other day I went to Jumbo in Palermo and purchased tomatoes. To be honest I am not a veggie lover but I purchased tomatoes for my daughter and learned that the kilo of tomatoes was aproximately 3 pesos. I remember reading about kilos of Tomatoes at 13 or 17 pesos. Consequently, I talked to...
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    Re: These prices are killing me - 2

    The only thing I agree with Ramon is in regard to paying high prices for specific goods. Everything else I do not. Argentina is not a socialist country. The middle class is actually in a better position that it was a few years ago. What do you think triggered the increase in consumption? It...
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    Deteriorating relations with the US

    envious of what? Having to live in a country different than my own and about it? Don ´t think so. And for the record you are in Argentina..I am not in your country. That pretty much speaks by itself. Moving to a country and then and moaning about is just plain stupid...
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    Buenos Aires is As Expensive as Usa

    you do that ramon. you will be doing us a favor. For those that appreciate Argentina for what it is (third world country with pros and cons), you are welcomed to stay.
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    Deteriorating relations with the US

    Thanks for your answer. It illustrates why SOME Americans are disliked around the world (and particularly in Argentina). People like yourself, are the reason, why there would be hostility in the first place. The 3:1 exchange has been beneficial to the Argentine economy, and by the...
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    Do Argentines Know the meaning of fresh

    I agree with Donquixote.
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    FYI - cab fare up 20% from today

    I thought Menem would save the day, o no I meant Macri.
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    Argentina elects Fernandez

    You obviously do not understand Argentine politics and how the peronist party works