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    Beware of RentingBA (not RentinBA)!

    My family recently came into town for a visit and had a terrible experience with the rental company they used to rent a temporary apartment here in Buenos Aries: RentingBA ( After paying ahead of time a US$500 deposit, nobody showed up for the appointed check-in time. The...
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    Childbirth Education Classes English

    If you are pregnant and looking for childbirth education classes in English here in Buenos Aires check out Buenos Aires Babies. Next group class starts in December. Also offering private classes, doula services, and lactation support.
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    Giving Birth in Buenos Aires: Childbirth Education Classes

    For those of you who are (or know someone who is) looking for English-speaking childbirth education classes, labor and delivery support, lactation assistance, postpartum support, etc. in Buenos Aires, please check out the new website! ;) Thank you.
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    Selling a laptop

    Hey! We are selling our brand new Acer Asprire 553 laptop. It has 3GB memory, 160 GB hard drive, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Trend Micro Antivirus all preloaded. Let me know if you are interested!
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    Giving birth in Buenos Aires....?

    For all of you who have given birth in Argentina or WILL be giving birth in Argentina... I have a question for you! I am a labor and delivery RN from the States and am interested in helping women through the birthing process here. The idea is I would like to provide English-speaking women...