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    need German to French translators

    Hi, I have lived 24 years in Germany + 25 years in Paris and I am perfectly bilingual. I am living in Palermo Hollywood. best regards axel
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    Printing t-shirts

    ....there is a very professional shop on the corner CORDOBA / PRINGLES......It's 20 pesos for a two liner
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    New years eve

    Hi, where young ( 25 ) hype guys from L.A. could spend a hot new years eve in BsAs ?? Gracias !
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    visa renewal

    Hi, I am living in BsAs with a one year rentista visa which expires in Feb 2010. Does anybody know about the tramites for a a renewal ? Or would it be easier with a tourist visa every 3 months ? I want to stay in Argentina until spring 2012
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    a mainer with a dream to live in argentina

    Hi Joe, some very short general impressions after 4 months in BSAS : +++ : people: specially nice ,helpful, charming, open-minded - they are good looking too as long as they're young +++ : climate: it's sunny about every day with pleasant temperatures +++ : cost of living : all over it's...
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    Looking to meet people

    if You like to improve your castellano + meet people try "Spanglish" take care axel
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    New in baires

    Hi, that sounds good !!! Where are you from in Italy ? estoy en este bolonqui solamente since 2 weeks and want to stay 2 years...i live in palermo hollywood.:) axel
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    nearly perfecto

    gracias !!
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    nearly perfecto

    Hi, I am French-Austrian, living in Palermo Hollywood since 10 days - so far i love it ! But i am still looking for a very good gym + a very good vitamine store in Palermo - is there anybody out there to give me advice ?