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    Gloom and Doom

    I guess you are right FullMettle about maybe it won't be so bad. It is definitely the haves and have-nots. Although I don't think it will be as bad as comparing it to Bangladesh, where people are paid 15 cents a hour to make the clothes on your back. Alot of Americans feel that they live in a...
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    Gloom and Doom

    I have been reading the posts on US foreign policy. I think part of being an expat is to leave your country for what is considered greener pastures. All the time I hear in the media of the economy being bad, how people are pissed off at Bush, how invading Iraq was a bad idea, etc. I have read of...
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    Anybody from US or Canada heard of Matisyahu?

    I don't know if anybody from US or Canada keeps up with any of the up and coming music from back home. I just bought this guy Matisyahu's CD. He apparently is a Hasidic Jew who has a mixture of reggae/hip-hop/rock feel to his music. There is actually a live album and a recently released studio...
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    Any African-Americans or people of color in BA?

    I am considering moving BA in the next year or so and I have read many of the travel books on Argentina. Argentines especially "portenos" are very proud of their european heritage. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen people of color or know any communities around town. I was looking to be...