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    advertising temporary rentals to Brazilians

    Buenos Aires Stay and Luxury BA Stay has a large Brazilian clientèle. Contact should you be interested in us marketing your property.
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    Swine Flu is it a diversion?

    I would really like to thank Pericles for using my blog piece and the various forum users who have emailed me directly, you are very kind, your views are really very helpful!
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    Will the real bullies please stand up

    If I owned or moderated this forum, I would not respond to the ‘Gentleman’ attacking the team personally. Otherwise, this will run and run. In addition, when responding, you give them credit when none is due. You send traffic to their competitor forums and the other senseless devices designed...
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    Take Out Chinese Food Recommendation?

    I love Chinese, I have been to most of the Chinese restaurants in BA and can only recommend China Garden as an excellent Chinese kitchen that serves authentic dishes that have not been 'Argentinized' so barely recogniseable. The food is good and reasonably priced - they also deliver! Riobamba...
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    Swine Flu is it a diversion?

    No! You seem to have missed the point - I ask questions (mainly for the purposes of good search engine rankings), this article was taken from my own blog, not posted by me, my main opening statement attacks the media coverage - it is not balanced and unhelpful.
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    Swine Flu is it a diversion?

    PS. I really am very interested in people’s opinions about the flu and their decision making process when deciding to travel or not - I am only poking a little fun at MOXON, I note that you are a prolific ‘poster’ – ‘threader’ – what do we call ourselves – obviously you like to be considered a...
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    Swine Flu is it a diversion?

    You oversimplify the operation of political spin, but I do not have time to debate the 'brief or not to brief' argument or the mechanics of media-relations (tongue in cheek) used by the ‘K-rites’ to limit their exposure to a malevolent media. It would be pointless and silly to give you any more...
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    Swine Flu is it a diversion?

    You are quite right about one thing - during the elections, the government did its double best to keep the flu quiet. Shortly after the election that changed, with the media stirred /briefed into frenzy and as most doctors will tell you that has caused panic amongst the general population and...
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    Any expat ladies going out tonight?

    I would suggest you pop along to my local - Puerto Zuelo on Vincente Lopez, great music, busy from early, good wine list or if you are central try - love it too, lots of free tapas with your beer or wine. Andrew
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    Deadly Swine Flu paralyses Mexico City

    People asked the moderator about my background. Now I am retired, work part time in property, & http:/// are some of my retirement projects, but I ran healthcare, informed policy as apart of the Healthcare reforms in the UK, and security businesses...
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    Deadly Swine Flu paralyses Mexico City

    Have them sent dhl. I would not be surprised, i am not sure that they have passed the patent and generics are available???? Not kept pace with pharma manufacture
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    Deadly Swine Flu paralyses Mexico City

    Hey there, I have been concerned about the 'Flu - what I have been told. My source, a virologist states that, 'We measure and track 'flu annually south to north, respectively Southern winter to Northern winter (peak flu) in Europe, and measure recorded cases across the world as the...
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    Looking for Accomodation for my nieces

    Peri, there is a new company called Room Service or Rooms or something like that advertising in the Herald, other than that, if the girls can find a viable room mate, they would be wise to seek out 3 beds (difficult to rent) via the various agencies and negotiate hard (current climate) looking...
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    Just arrived ,, Go the pumas

    I love Kettleball and must say that it is the only form of training that I have found excellent on old and tired joints and wonderful for overall muscle strength, suppleness and development, particularly core strength - my pops taught me and picked up this art in the 1950s and he is the fittest...
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    Safety/ Crime Problem?

    Tourist Safety in Buenos Aires & Argentina Argentina has achieved much over the last ten years to bolster policing of the main tourist regions, and as long as you apply good common sense, we would venture to say that Buenos Aires and its tourist districts and other tourist destinations in...
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    Dengue fever fact sheet

    Dengue Fever warning Buenos Aires province, Argentina, South America Dengue fever is a serious viral disease spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. As there is no vaccine to protect against dengue fever, travellers are advised to use insect repellent, wear protective clothing, and stay in...
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    Urgent Sale Way Below Market price

    Then you have to figure the 'Buenos Aires factor' and really start to understand the peculiarities of the market. You are right about the world, but maybe not quite on the ball in regards to 'hub' Buenos Aires. What might turn matters on their head would be civil unrest and a fall in rental...
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    Urgent Sale Way Below Market price

    It's a good deal! Buyers, sellers, unimportant, just review the local market for new builds and make your own comparison, it is below the market guide prices per SQM and therefore Peri's post is reasonable. If you have purchased property in Buenos Aires you will know that the vendors are...
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    Expat Action

    That's what these groups are for - that’s the best ?thread? I have read here - I have read quite a few. Positive action! Good well-aimed press relations – a voice – supported by real people and hard facts and views. However, as reasonable and intelligent people we should also look at...
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    Your experience with inflation

    Sergio The costs of everything is on the increase and anyone who has been here for a while is noticing. Greed-v-Inflation - a bit of both me thinks. A friend of mine who runs a number of businesses in Buenos Aires showed me his purchase ledger over a year ago...