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    Interesting comments. I have to say that I came back from Chile a few days ago. In Chile, I rode a bus from Santiago to Viña del Mar. And really, I couldn't find a big difference from our Argentinian buses.
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    In my travels to Chile I didn't find the buses "outstanding", I found them very good, yes. But I'll be in Chile soon and I'll see again. Perhaps things have changed. I completely agree with you! I'm Argentinian but I admit all these drawbacks. It's only that sometimes I hear people say what I...
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    Well, I know there's many aspects where Argentina and Chile are a world of difference, but the OP picked one that isn't really. I've always heard good comments in general about the bus service (either urban and long-distance) in Argentina from foreigners. I've been to Chile twice and I'll go...
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    Line A: Renovation!

    I guess you got the message. I was referring to the boldfaced part only.
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    Line A: Renovation!

    Well, your answer says it all.
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    Line A: Renovation!

    Just so that you know, there are a large number of people who don't believe these cars are a piece of crap. As others have said, they are classy and elegant. And given the amount of time they've been running (100 years in December 2013), their performance has been astounding, with relatively...
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    Chile is not Switzerland

    I want to point that while it's true that many Argentines hate Chileans, it's not the case with me. I particulary like Chile and that's why I visited there twice.
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    Going to the movies in Argentina

    I also would add "once a month". :)
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    Chile is not Switzerland

    That's a sweeping generalization regarding porteños talking down people in service industries. You're taking Recoleta chetos to represent all porteños and that's far from the truth. Come to the barrios and you'll see how porteños mix with people in the service industries. And to be honest, it's...
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    Military Coup/Dictatorship; Could it happen again?

    I unserstand one can never say never, but still in terms of probability, it is quite unlikely. If we've been almost 30 years in democracy now, as opposed to the 30 years prior to 1976, when there were a lot of coups and the pendulum went from side to side so easily... well, at least that tells...
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    Boudou, my heart goes out to him

    I'm sorry, but NO. I don't like the K gov't but the last thing we need right now is a military goverment... First off, the military are not politicians. They have a very specific purpose. Let them be just that. Unfortunately, in this country (and many, if not most, others) the military have been...
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    Argentina decides to control oil firm YPF

    I agree in general. What I meant was that having sold it (at least at such a miserable price and with corruption involved) at Menem's time was a huge mistake. The reasons for selling YPF in the 90s were not related to the good of the country (all the contrary). At present, I guess the government...
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    Argentina decides to control oil firm YPF

    I understand, but... you have to take into account that the ones who "sold" (at a very low price, BTW) YPF in the 90s weren't the same as the ones who want to repossess it now.
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    April 2nd Monday

    I'm an Argentine, and I also think that the Argentine claim on the islands is at least open to debate, and not some kind of revealed truth. However, to all practical purposes, the decision on the sovereignty issue should be up to the islanders, and the best we could do is establish bonds with...
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    Should we Brits be keeping a low profile?

    I just came here for this. Where did you get the evidence to say that Rio Gallegos' hospital is not as good as Port Stanley's? Have you been to both? I'm not stating that the one in RG is better, but I just say that I always read that Hospital Regional de Río Gallegos is regarded as one of the...
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    Subway fares go up 127% percent tomorrow

    I can name you one: the ex president Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín. And this is usually recognized even by many of those who criticized him.
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    Cfk wins

    Sorry, I just want to point out something (regardless of CFK and the like). We DO have a middle class. Sure, smaller than it should be, but we have it. We don't need to "create" a middle class, we need to "expand" the one we have. We have created a middle class a very long time ago, unlike other...
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    Seasons in BA

    Winter! First of all, because I like the cold, and I hate the heat. So, winter is the perfect time in BA, and more so this being a big city. Summers in big cities are always hell, unless the summer isn't really hot, like London's for example. And, BA's winters aren't harsh really. In the second...
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    Horrible accident in Flores

    I never said monorails, that was marksoc's idea. What I mean is just the same old train we have but circulating in a viaduct elevated from the ground. It's like that in many big cities around the world. Nothing new really.
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    Horrible accident in Flores

    You may consider them monstrosities, but they are less expensive than tunnels, and if the spaces below the viaduct are properly maintained and are dedicated to some other activity, like parking lots or whatever you can think of... then it isn't so bad a solution. Besides, traveling on the train...