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    PASO Election Results

    Actually spilled my coffee on my keyboard. That was gold
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    Certificado de turismo

    This is the ‘help desk’ of the certificado de circulación.
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    Can I enter the United States?

    At the moment transiting through Europe and going to the US on an esta is not possible. The restrictions could be lifted at any moment but who knows when. I had no idea about that and last April tried to fly to the us after Europe and the system automatically suspended my esta at checkin. This...
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    Miami to EZE

    The info on that article was too good to be true unfortunately. My PCR results from the Nomi airport facility came in after 71 hours not 24. It s a brand new facility so hopefully it will improve. But for now and considering it s us$119 a test, I ll personally pass... There is another lab...
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    American Airlines cancelled my flight and booked me 18 days later. What to do?

    In case this helps, AA has -at this stage- maintained my mid June return EZE MIA. They have just rescheduled the inbound flight to about 7 hours later than original departure time. You are probably very well aware of it but direct flights to the US are absolutely chokers at the moment. Likely...
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    Where to take a PCR test in Bs.As. for international travel

    Centro Rossi offers an option of getting your PCR results in both castellano and English. 600 pesos extra.