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    Defamous remarks by Frank Almeida

    I have spoken to all the moderators of this Board that Frank Almeida has been defaming us via his forum Ba Newcomers. This for all of us is completely unacceptable and a lie that should be possibly dealt with legally. Let me say very clearly that we do not make money on our dinners and only...
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    Palermo Botanico exceptional apartment

    I have an exceptional apartment located on Juncal and Republica De La Siria Palermo Botanico . This is Buenos Aires best and safest neighbourhood within three blocks to the subtes and 7 blocks to the heart of Palermo Soho. Special Deal for the months of July, August and September just...
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    Are Argentine women and men amongst the worlds most beautiful?

    I like to hear your opinions if you believe that Argentine women and men are amongst the worlds most beautiful . A recent survey rated Buenos Aires women at Number 3 in the world...