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    Mike Mike Even though I spoke to him on that number recently, it does seem to be shut down. I'm sure I'll see him soon and find out what's up. I suspect a phone theft, in which case he should have it (the number) back in a few days, but I'll find out. I still highly recommend Juan's work and...
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    Share container to US?

    Hey all! In the next few months I will be shipping about 1/2 a 40' container of stuff, mostly furniture and household stuff, back to the US - probably Miami but whatever is cheapest. I'm looking for someone(s) who might be interested in the other 1/2. Estimate about $7,000 U$D/2 Contact me by...
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    Help! What power adapter/converter/device for laptop, camera do I need??

    Laptops, since they are running off (or through) a battery, are functionally immune to power fluctuations. Just plug it in and go..... Saludos, David
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    Christmas picnic Saturday December 26

    Hey guys! Sounds like fun! See ya there (if it isn't raining!) David
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    New passport, new entry stamp

    If you have an American passport, the embassy will give back your old one stamped "invalid" or "expired" (or something like that) which you can produce one exit to show your entry stamp. The new passport was delivered by courier in a couple of days. You have to request an appointment by email...
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    Hate North Americans?

    I usually don't get involved in these "political" discussions, generally because they go nowhere, solve nothing, and promote ill will. I am however getting a little weary of silly useless condemnations of people and policies, without providing a coherent alternative! It s VERY easy to...
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    hannukah food

    Depends... Like what, for instance? Home made or store bought? David
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    "Asalto" in Vicente Lopez this Sunday!

    Hey guys! My friend Julieta (who some of you might have met at one of our burger burns) is having a birthday party this Sunday, and she is having what she describes as "an asalto" The deal is everybody brings whatever they want to BBQ (and drink) - kind of a BYO-BBQ! I'll have a fire going, so...
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    Commuting from Boating or San Isidro Chico

    Hey there! I think you will HATE commuting from Zona Norte to Puerto Madero! There is NO "good" way to do it, especially in rush hours, which it sounds like is when you will be needing to go! You may really want to consider finding a place in Puerto Madero, which is a pretty upscale...
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    Mosquito Madness

    Hey guys Go to the farmacia and ask for "lidocaina viscosa" or "xylocaina viscosa" (same stuff) It's cheap, and a few drops on an insect bite will stop itching in a minute or two - probably for good! Works on burns, toothaches and anywhere a local anaesthetic can be put! Good stuff to have...
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    Christmas & New Years Eve????

    RobeartoNYC et. al. I agree that both Christmas and New Years are not good nights to plan on going out in BsAs. Restaurants are generally either closed or offering expensive fixed menus that are seldom good and always overpriced! I'm seriously tempted to host a New Years eve party here at the...
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    Cheapest way to book airfare in Argentina?

    The downside of air travel, for me, is that after traveling to the airport (several hours early), waiting on lines, going through "security" and having to get from the airport to town (never close, except for Jorge Newberry!) I find the bus is frequently a more comfortable option. Even the trip...
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    need a van to move some stuff

    Would that do? David 15 4048 4297
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    Hey ladies... I found this jacket in the kitchen - anybody recognize it? David
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    Hey Guys Besides being a fun party, I want to thank everyone who came for making this last Thanksgiving a special one, at least for me. Thanksgiving, corny as it sounds, is supposed to be about giving thanks for all the things we have to be greatfull for, and I have many! Having all you folks...
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    the easiest way to get hold of an ISIC student card?

    Diskosis After reading your post about violating your visa, ( I now read this one! I think I speak for a lot of folks here if I ask you to please STOP trying to use this forum as a tool for finding ways to break...
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    entering Argentina without a return ticket

    I have PERSONAL experience with airline regulations that prevent you from boarding a plane without a return ticket to somewhere. It is NOT an immigration issue, it IS an airline policy issue. They are responsible for you if you were to be denied entry at your port of destination. Contact YOUR...
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    clamping down on perma-tourists

    Diskosis So here's the deal! You got tired of obeying the law, and made a decision that you now want this forum to validate. Nobody here makes the trip to Colonia because they love to piss away a day every 3 months. You do it because of the rules! I suspect you will, in fact, be able to pay...
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    Hey guys! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did last night! Although quite a few "extra" folks showed up, I think pretty much everyone found a place to sit and got something to eat, thanks in no small part to a wonderful selection of salads and desserts that flowed into the kitchen as the...
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    It's all here... david