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  1. gsi16386

    Looking For Running Buddies! :-)

    Check out Plaza Holanda over there in Palermo towards the corner of Libertador and Sarmiento. That place is awesome, they have a loop around the lakes and sidewalks running all throughout there along libertador or wherever you want to go. I used to go over there 4-5 times a week when I lived...
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    How Is Buenos Aires Compared To 2 Years Ago?

    Be careful dating those Argentine might end up like the chap in my picture :-)
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    3 Years To Figure Out How To Make Money In Ba ?

    You can start a call center. I had an office in Regus when i lived there and the office next to mine had two Americans running a call center. It's a possiblity and you don't need to know Spanish, just have your phones forwarded to BA. Just a thought.
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    Shipping Furniture Here

    Before you decide to sell your furniture in FL, I would do some research in regards to how much it would cost to replace your furniture here in BA. I think that what you will find is that furniture is super expensive and the quality is not so great, so it might make sense to ship your furniture...
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    Be Careful Out There
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    Coming Back To Ba For A Visit

    So after an 8 month absence, I'm finally heading back to BA for a week long visit! We have a friend getting married and I need to see my inlaws, so back to BA I come. What am I looking forward to? Siga La Vaca the first day, El Mirasol the next, Asado at the wedding, and then Asado on Sunday...
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    Fleeing Buenos Aires

    Just go...if they didn't have you put a guarantia in place or no downpayment, I would bounce. Be sure to at least leave a postit note saying you're out.
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    How The Ups Handles The Unions

    Just an article I saw about UPS and how they handle the out of control Unionists. If this happened in Argentina they'd shut off the subte, block all bondi routes, block of 9 de Julio, and all pandemonium would ensue...
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    You Guys Have It Alll Wrong

    Inflation was only 10.9% in 2013. lol
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    Blue Dollar Question

    Hey Arizona Guy, everyone accepts dollars, you just have to negotiate an exchange rate if you're going to utilize them with a taxi. Then I would head on down to Calle Florida to find someone to exchange the rest of your dollars at the blue rate. There are tons of guys out there looking to...
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    Is It Possible To Find Love In Argentina?

    For those wondering whether or not its possible to find love in Argentina, look at my profile picture :-) it seems to have worked out for me...u just gotta deal with the craziness. LoL
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    Nothing We Don't Already Know Just for fun...
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    Venezuela - Sound Familiar?
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    Aerolineas Argentinas? Visas And Paying In Cash

    With all due respect, the US requires visitors to do the same thing and the process is a million times worse. The reciprocity fee seems like a crybaby tactic, but I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
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    Moving To Buenos Aires For Med School

    Correct, so we figured that she could work at a lesser position, such as a nurse or whatnot, but have to have a license for that. In order to get a license you have to go to school for 2 years and she's already gone to school for 12 in addition to her residency. You need a license for...
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    Mexican Food

    I've always liked Xalapa in Palermo. It's authentic Mexican Food and the portions are big. Plus it's a cute little place...go check it out!
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    Moving To Buenos Aires For Med School

    T[size=4] Errr..had to do a little edit job there. I was referring to the original article posted. It was very well written in right on point. Hybrid is an idiot. lol
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    Moving To Buenos Aires For Med School

    quote name='Hybrid Ambassador' timestamp='1377285180' post='220605' _She worked for Novartis in Argentina_ Hmmm, as to the reason why your wife can not find an employer there in the US may be due to the firm's reputaion Please reread what you wrote, think about it for a second, and then...
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    Moving To Buenos Aires For Med School

    That's a great article btw....hit the nail right on the head. http://www.nytimes.c...wanted=all&_r=0
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    Moving To Buenos Aires For Med School

    My wife is Argentine and has an MD in Psychiatry from UBA (check out our wedding picture from the San Nicolas de Bari off of Av. Santa Fe!:-). We have since moved back to the US and since her license doesn't transfer, she cannot find a job to save her life. This girl is wicked smart, but due...