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    noise problem!

    san isidro offers a wonderful balance of things to do, less noise and better air quality. sure it takes awhile to get there but all in all i love it.
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    cheap hotels in BA, any ideas?

    sergio, google mansilla 3935. ciao pibe.
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    Farmer's Strike resumes and this time it will get worse..

    how long before the cab drivers start jacking up the fares?
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    Farmer's Strike resumes and this time it will get worse..

    this should be fun. arrive july 2nd. for a few days. somebody please recommend a restaurant where i can get a glass of water and some day old bread.
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    cypress in

    was looking to book a room at this place on costa rica and cannot get through. stayed there in january and enjoyed it. if anbody knows what is going on i would love to know. thank you.
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    Starbucks is opening tomorrow at Alto Palermo

    who gives a crap!
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    Re: Missing British Food??

    missing british food is an oxymoron. beer maybe.
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    was not aware that argentina was devoid of gangs, rapists, pedophiles, drugs and drug dealers. sorry guys, got to run out and get some paco.
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    so maybe 39% of the argentines would like to migrate. why would that be? perhaps to find a place where they can make a decent living. why did people move there in the first place? everybody bashes the u.s., but if you have half a brain, and i do mean half, you can make some decent money. my...
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    Pros/cons of areas to live?

    gracee gets it. stay awhile in a place you are considering. i like almagro and villa crespo. not too far from palermo and a little more typical argentine for lack of a better word. do not get get too analytical. sometimes running on gut feelings is better. ciao
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    i will in the near future move to argentina. while an american citizen, i was fortunate enough to be born in buenos aires. nothing political, i just love the place. long meals, too much beef and the total beauty of the place. palermo and recoleta are wonderful. cobblestones and tree covered...
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    Peanut butter, A1, Heinz, Bagels cheap at Recoleta Kiosko (ltd supply )

    who needs a1 and heinz with argentine beef?
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    Yet another fella thinking of moving to BsAs

    go for it. you only live once. yes bs. as. has problems, but living there is a pleasure overall. for 12,000 to 15,000 u.s. per year you can live pretty well. invest the principal and live off as much interest as you can. you do not have go out every day and spend big money on steak. do an...
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    Sales job available

    in some threads ramon says that argentina is as expensive as the u.s., now he is saying half as expenive at best. did all the prices suddenly go down?
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    Barrio Flores??

    real middle class in buenos aires is wonderful. handmade empanadas, pasta, asado for a fraction of the cost and, oh yes, great people. enjoy.
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    just got back to the states. wonderful week. easy to spend money, but also easy to go easy. two empanadas to go and and a liter of beer for 7.00 arg. slice of pizza, empanada and beer at el cuartito for 14.00 arg. stay away from shots, palermo bars and without a doubt recoleta spots. la cabrera...
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    Cartridges for US printer

    will be down there friday. if you want some cartridges let me know.
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    Argentines are warm; Americans are cold

    yes, argentines are warm. that is why you will find the same apartment listed on craigslist for 79000 listed on clarin for 60000. check it out. michaelClick Text Here