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  1. NYKate

    For Those Who Filed An I 130 With The Usic

    I means USCIS! Too excited to spell check, sorry!! Check this out! http://lawandborder....-2013-11-20.pdf there was a letter writing campaign by users of Visa Journey and apparently it worked! I got a notice at 2am this morning that my case was transferred to Nebraska Service Center which now...
  2. NYKate

    Visa Help!!

    I have been doing research regarding filing an I 130 and have run into a lot of conflicting information on the internet regarding wait times, whether or not to file for the K3 or IR1 visas, whether or not I need to be filing from a residence in the US and need to be working while filing... It...
  3. NYKate


    Has anyone used them for anything? Thanks!
  4. NYKate

    Baby Things Cost Vent

    My Mother-in-law purchased two Avent pacifiers for $100 pesos over the weekend for our baby. After checking on babies-r-us for prices of things for my sister (who lives in TX) I found the EXACT SAME pacifiers for $5.99!! It is so FRUSTRATING how expensive baby things are here! My mother is...
  5. NYKate

    Newtown, Ct School Shooting

    It happened this morning: My thoughts and prayers are with the families at this time.
  6. NYKate

    Christmas Cookie Recipe - Chocolate Chip Nutella

    I found this recipie online and it looks so amazing I had to share!!
  7. NYKate

    Totally Disgusted
  8. NYKate

    Adoption in BA

    Has anyone had experience adopting a child in Argentina? From friends, I understand that it is a long and complicated process, not to mention stressful. I refuse to travel up to Salta or anywhere else to buy a baby off the side of the road which, sadly, is very common. We are not eligible to...
  9. NYKate

    Pilates Reformer Classes - Caballito

    :) I just wanted to write a quick review of the Pilates Reformer classes I have been attending just in case anyone is looking for one. L'essentiel - estetica & spa $130 pesos per month for one class a week $180 pesos per month for two classes a week Morning classes - 9...
  10. NYKate

    Dog walker in Caballito?

    Hello! I finally got here 3 weeks ago and my husband and I adopted a 1 year old mutt from Mascotas en Adopcion. He's wonderful however needs some socialization. I take him to Parque Chacabuco everyday and notice all the dogwalkers in one part of the park and thought this would be a good way...
  11. NYKate

    Happy St Patricks Day Everyone!

    Happy St. Patricks Day! Thought this was interesting:'s_Day?q=st+patricks+day&form=hphot1 :D
  12. NYKate


    Hi! Has anyone been to Carilo? If so, have any suggestions as to where to stay etc? Thanks!! :)
  13. NYKate

    FBI Background Check

    :)Hi! I was wondering if there was a strict time frame in which the background check must be dated as? I am going to be married to an Argentine in June and understand that I need this to complete my documentation. If I requested it now, would it be too old? Thanks in advance!!!
  14. NYKate

    zoonosis de san martin

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any information/experiences with the zoonosis de san martin? I am moving in July and looking to adopt a dog and am debating on whether or not it would be more beneficial to save from a kill shelter rather than a rescue organization... Thanks!