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    July Deficit compared to 1 year ago, for July: - state income is up 16,1% to 436206 million pesos - state expenses are up 59,2% to 591730 million pesos - state deficit is up to 155524 million pesos (35,7% of income) How long can...
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    Caring Banks

    This is why I will never transfer my money to Argentina: if a bank thinks a transfer from your account is "suspect", they just block your account: The banks here are really...
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    Cueva near Vicente López

    I am staying in Vicente López and I am running out of pesos. Would someone know of a cueva where I can change dollars or euros in the neighbourhood? (No need to post the address here, you could send me a PM)
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    Solidarity Tax on 5% Net Dividends

    Imagine in a country far far away from Argentina, you save for retirement. Because interest rates on savings are about 0%, you invest in stocks, which pay you a modest dividend. You invest in stocks with an above average gross dividend yield of 3%. After paying taxes, you keep about 2% net...
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    How to deal with new economic measures for exporters

    My girlfriend is an independent translator and she earns a modest wage in dollars. She is declaring everything to the tax authorities. Currently, she is going through a mental breakdown, because of new legislation, she is obliged to convert all her dollars to pesos at the official rate and can...
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    I was walking the streets today with Google Maps showing me the way. While I was crossing the pedestrian crossing, a moto approached me. I tried he was trying to cut me off, as so many cars do here when I cross a pedestrian crossing. He slowed down and stopped. I thought it was because I...
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    First impressions

    I arrived this morning in Buenos Aires. It is my 4th time I am visiting, I visited 7 years ago for 6 weeks, 6-5 years ago for a year (I had an Argentinian girlfriend and stayed) and 3 years ago for 6 weeks. Now I will stay until the end of December. My first 2 visits felt like a big...
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    International plug adapter

    Hello, I arrived in Buenos Aires and brought my laptop with me. I forgot to bring with me my international plug adapter. The plugs of my electronics are (the one of my laptop with thick poles). I have been walking in Rivadavia, but could not find a...
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    Hi, it have been three years since I was last in Buenos Aires (until New Year 2016, Macri was just inaugurated). I have arranged an apartment in Buenos Aires with someone I know. She asked me how I would get there. I told her that I would order a taxi at taxi Ezeiza at the airport. She told...
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    Manual for the World Cup
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    Someone thought about retiring early
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    Copyright On Tango

    Hi, does anyone know if I could license tango music in Argentina to organise tango events in Belgium? The organisation that is supposed to represent artists in Belgium and collects money for the use of music is very predatory. I would have to pay at least over 330 euro to organise a milonga...
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    Argentina Outdone

    There are reasons to complain about politics in Argentina, though I have never seen Cristina making a video in which she is beating the vulture funds. Trump on the other hand posted a video on twitter in which he is supposedly hitting on CNN: https://www.washingt...m=.09a522cb1c71
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    Wealth Tax

    Are this still the rates for the wealth tax on individuals in Argentina? - 0,5% from 305,000 ARS to 750,000 ARS - 0,75% from 750,000 ARS to 2,000,000 ARS - 1% from 2,000,000 ARS to 5,000,000 ARS - 1,25% over 5,000,000 ARS I am asking because the Wikipedia entry at...
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    Dhl Scam?

    During the first week of December, I bought a postcard from the kiosko at the entrance of the Abasto shopping center. I asked if they had stamps. They did not have regular ones but a DHL sticker I had to put on the postcard. I had to drop the postcard in a DHL box at the kiosko. I sent this...
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    Chinese Vessel Sunk By Argentina

    This made the news over here, not sure if there was any reporting in Argentina?
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    Prices Electronics

    I was in Abasto today and also checking the prices of electronics out of curiosity. Things seem to be more expensive here, but I could not make a clear comparison, because the laptops and cellphones also have lower specifications than the ones I am looking at at home. Though for one phone, the...
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    Paul Singer's Elliott Bites The Dust

    Elliott, the victim of the Argentine bonds got another beating today: http://www.reuters.c...N13E3P820151119 This is in short the story: Dialog Semiconductor is a company that grew a lot with the smartphone boom. However, the smartphone boom is ending and the company has 1 very big customer...
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    How Is Buenos Aires Compared To 2 Years Ago?

    Hi there, 2 years ago I had lived for a year in Buenos Aires. I broke up with my Argentine girlfriend and returned home. In 2 weeks I will be back in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks and I am wondering if in these last 2 years things changed. Did life in Buenos Aires get worse or better or is it...
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    Greece An Example For Argentina?

    Greece does not want to pay back the money it owes, its solution: hold a referendum about it and advise people to vote against. Maybe Argentina can hold a referendum against the vultures as well and tell judge Griesa he is not respecting the sovereignty of the Argentines? (note: I am sarcastic.)