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    Looking for friends

    I have been practicing some spanish and am American as well and would defintiely meet up for a night of practicing if you want
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    Mundo Bizarro Saturday July 14th!!!!

    I'm in! See you tomorrow!
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    Expat Saturday luncheon?

    I completely agree. I can hardly afford it, but it's one of those big name places... any other suggestions on where to go?
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    Help with Blankets/Cot/Etc.

    Just to clarify: I would clean and take good care of anything and if anyone just knows a cheap place to buy lots of blankets I'll take it. Just need a place to sleep for the family friend
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    Expat Saturday luncheon?

    I hope not... what about brunch at Olsen? Or is that too fancy/hard to get into/expensive and so on?
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    Help with Blankets/Cot/Etc.

    Hello Expat Community, I have a family friend coming to my 1 bedroom apartment and unfortunately he has nowhere to sleep. Our couch is just a bit too small. I was wondering if anyone out in the expat world might have a cot, an inflatable mattress, blankets, etc. for him or (since I know this...
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    i'll check to see if it's at musimundo and will get back to you
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    I am a huge music fan (of all sorts) and of course have been trying to bring up my knowledge of bands from Argentina and BsAs. I think that perhaps Babasonicas (sorry there's an accent but I don't know where) might be good for the average rock fan... They were in the park for free last weekend...
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    New to BA, looking to hang out

    Hello, I was a little late to this thread, but I like many of you am a poor Spanish speaker/expat looking to hang out. Particularly, I find myself going to BA Herald recommended music shows if anyone wants to come. Perhaps something similar to Opera Bay (if it happened this weekend) could become...
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    I am a fan and bought it off iTunes... what are your thoughts about it. I have been reading reviews like crazy and would love to hear one more
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    Happy 4th of July

    Is there anything going on in BsAs for the 9th of July? A parade or something? Just wanting to compare and contrast.
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    Football for Dummies

    Considering the ruckus a few nights ago because of the Boca Juniors win, I was wondering if a knowledgeable expat might explain the tiers of winning, the championships and the hierarchy of the football (soccer to this old American) here in Buenos Aires in Argentina. So much cheering happened the...
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    Camera Stolen!

    is another place where a camera suspiciously like mine popped up and any help would be appreciated if you can access the site. But in either case thank you expats
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    Camera Stolen!

    Hello again, Thanks for the comments everyone. I have been slowly moving on, at least on my blog if nothing else.At any rate, Some have suggested i look on Mercadolibre and similar sites. I have found two cameras on Deremate posted the day after I was robbed. I can't get into the site though...
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    Camera Stolen!

    Thank you for the kind remarks. For anyone who lives near a pawn shop or is looking on Mercado Libre, my serial number was NKD40X1855KGU Also if anyone knows of any pawn shops in the Recoleta/Barrio Norte area (near the giant flower sculpture was where it happened) I would love to know so I can...
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    Camera Stolen!

    Hello, Today my Nikon d40x camera, a present, and something very dear to me, was stolen in Barrio Norte. I was very stupid and it was taken. My girlfriend and I were scammed when two women sprayed gunk on us and then took the camera while helping us clean up. We feel foolish and disheartened. I...
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    Meeting Porte

    Hello. Newcomer to the forum and the city. I have come to Buenos Aires pretty much by myself. I don't know anyone here and am hoping to get to know the city better and practice my spanish, etc. I am trying to find places where I can meet expats and porteños so that the city doesn't seem quite so...
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    Arriving in May!

    Hi! I have been to Ireland (though saying that is like saying you have been to the US) I am a 22 year old from New York who just came into the city a week ago after visiting it in March. I'm going to be here 3 months and am trying to find people in Buenos Aires. Drop me a line if you...