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    Property Manager/Apartment Administrator

    Hi Group,Do any of you expats renting out your apartments to tourists and short term rentals have a recommendation as to a property manager in BA to handle check-in, check-out & clean up etc. Any idea what the going rate is?
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    apartment administrator

    Does anyone have a recommendation of a trustworthy administrator to assist an expat in the rental of his apartment? I need someone to arrange for the cleaning of the apt., greeting renters & check apt. at departure. Any ideas as to costs?Thanks,Doug
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    Hi all,My wife is selling her recently purchased (& barely used) laptop. If anyone is interested or wants more info pls feel free to drop me a line. We are in the Recoleta/ Retiro area. Acer Aspire 5100-5778 2GB DDR2 1.6GHz 15.4" CrystalBrite LCD, 160GB HDD, 802.11b/g wireless LAN, DVD...
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    Handyman needed

    Hi Everyone,I'm new to the forum & find it very informative & helpfulDoes anyone have recommendations (good expriences) for a handyman (or electrician, plumber, carpenter) to do some minor work in an apt. in the retiro/recoleta area?