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    Looking for Senior Programmer

    Looking to hire a freelance senior programmer in BA. Must be able to communicate in English (oral/written) Technologies: Advanced PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript, and XML among others. Data Bases: MySQl, Understanding and working with high traffic websites and analyzing user data is very...
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    I would like to play tennis as well, i'm no pro but like to burn some calories. I'm in!!! Niko
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    Dinner and Drinks in Palermo (Friday, Jan 15)

    count me in, just lmk what time and where. I am very new here so don't have many suggestions sorry.
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    Looking for Apartmet Rental
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    Anyone in Palermo up for food and drinks?

    Hey Bill I just arrived as well living in Soho. I need a break as well if you want to grab some drinks lmk. niko.