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  1. Kirst

    Immigrations At Puerto Madero - Visa Renewal

    Has anyone been to PM Immigrations recently, if so how much is the fee and what time do they open in the morning. Still the yellow building?
  2. Kirst

    Girly Night Out - Fish And Chips At Chipper 20 March

    Girls, I know there has just been a post on this restaurant recently. I am desparate to go and check it out and thought it would be fun to make it into a girly night. Anyone interested in joining for Wednesday 20th March? If I get enough interest, shall forward details later. I am going to see...
  3. Kirst

    Teech bleeching gel

    Does anyone use teeth bleaching gel here, (ie the kind that is used with gum shield trays you keep in your mouth for hours). I am after a make called Poladay 7.5% gel and not sure what is available here and now other brands are here. gracias!
  4. Kirst

    Dental cost - is this reasonable?

    I visited the Dental House in Belgrano today for a check up and also because i lost a huge piece of my tooth yesterday. I had xrays taken and a girl quickly checked my teeth and was told i needed root canal treatment. Cost for root canal treatment and hygiene 1450 pesos ie 1050 and 300. Does...
  5. Kirst

    Laptop for sale

    I have a 13 inch laptop for sale, brand new and Toshiba! Anyone interested, please PM me! thanks!
  6. Kirst

    exporting help for a new business

    I have some friends who want to set up a business selling Argentine products in Europe and they are currently doing some research. They want to know if there is an association here that they could contact for help eg where they can find suppliers, export costs etc etc etc. Any help on this is...
  7. Kirst

    Learning Spanish with BBC (free!)

    Thanks to the person who posted BBC for Spanish! I have been using this site for teaching English and my students really like the 6 minute English section in particular. I have just started the Spanish course on this site and it is absolutely excellent and for different levels! Best of all...
  8. Kirst

    Cupcake and champage night for the ladies (makeup demo)

    Girls - we are arranging a girls' night in Palermo with the idea of having a makeup artist come and demonstate how to do makeup well. We of course will need volunteers to be models for the night! It is also an excuse for a girly get together. We will arrange champage or cava and cupcakes...
  9. Kirst

    dental polishing needed

    can anyone recommend an english speaking dentist to do a clean and polish at a reasonable rate? k
  10. Kirst

    Dinner for anyone who wants to make new friends?

    I have been living in BsAs since Dec 2009, you may have seen my name on this site for organising horseback riding. I have made incredable friends here and have been very lucky to have met the people I have! For me, it's the people that make a country and BsAs is thee best place to meet...
  11. Kirst

    salsa clubs recommendations anyone?

    Hey, can anyone recommend a salsa club to go to for some late night dancing? we are looking for somewhere with a cool club atmosphere rather than a dance hall type place and where we can just watch if we like. Someone mentioned Azucar in Belgrano but looks more like a dance hall rather than a...
  12. Kirst

    Food product search

    Does anyone know if it's possible to buy tinned evaporated milk here? I know they sell condensed milk but I need the evaporated kind for a cheesecake. Also, do they sell shortcrust pastry here, I can only find savoury pastry in premade packs.
  13. Kirst

    Lessons on life from a 90 year old!

    I was sent this by a BA Expat who is back in USA. Perhaps it may interest you! "Good Friends are the Rare Jewels of Life - difficult to Find and Impossible to Replace" Written by a 90 year old This is something we should all read at least once a week. Make sure you read to the end...
  14. Kirst

    tourist visa not renewed in Colonia!

    Guys, some advise urgently anyone I went to Puerto Madero immigrations this morning to renew the 90 day tourist visa as I thought the 90 days were up in 2 days time having been in Uruguay on 25th November. To my horror, they said they cant renew my visa becuase in Uruguay they had only given...
  15. Kirst

    horse riding with a difference - saturday 4th

    hey newcomers! i am arranging a horse back riding this saturday morning ie 4th December at 9.30am pick up (Saturday afternoon is now full). This is for anyone who wants to get out of BsAs to the countryside and ride, and also learn to ride in the open in the stunning UNESCO national park 30...
  16. Kirst

    horseback riding anyone?? Saturday 20th

    If you want to learn to ride before trying to learn polo? anyone interested in riding this weekend? i am arranging a ride for a small group of newcomers, and it doesnt matter if you are a beginner! transport is provided. Please see any of my previous club posts for all necessary info...
  17. Kirst

    Afternoon tea at the luxurious Alvear anyone???

    If, like me, you are on a budget but get fed up counting the pennies at times and just want to be treated like royalty, a little pampering, imagine Pretty Woman, then come for afternoon tea to the Alvear. Quite simply thee most luxurious hotel in BsAs, you can give yourself that much needed...
  18. Kirst

    polo tickets for the Open?

    anyone know if you can simply pay at the entrance on the day of a match or do you need a ticket??? k
  19. Kirst

    tomorrow - horse riding anyone on censor day!

    if like me, you want to get out of the city tomorrow when everything in BA will be closed, then how about a mid week horse back riding tomorrow? see my previous posts for details on ride. price is 70 us $ inclusive of transport pick up which will be on san juan and lima. if there is enough...
  20. Kirst

    90 day visa cost

    Does anyone know how much immigrations near Retiro charge for renewing the visa??