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    looking for a secondhand cellphone

    My cellphone is robbed and I am looking for a cheap/basic secondhand GSM cellphone. Requirement: 1. can make phone calls and text 2. battery life > 1 day 3. below 180 pesos 4. Tri-band (covers 3 of the 4 bands: GSM 900 / GSM 1800 , GSM 850 / GSM 1900) Please reply or hit me with a PM if you...
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    theator schedules - la Nacion

    Dear all, I noticed that in the printed editions of La Nacion, there is a section for all the concert/theator schedules. Do they have a online version of that? I am sorry my spanish is not that good for me to locate it on la nacion's website. Thanks, Puven
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    A guide to getting USD for taxpayers (BsAsHerald)$ hopes this help some.
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    robbery with a knife

    I was robbed today 9:20pm just 50-60 meters outside of the US embassy. a guy came behind me and i didn't notice. All i heard is 'Todo bien?' and a knife on my throat, in his left hand. I lost all my cash(400+ pesos) and a cell phone. I planned to leave this country in December but now i just...