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    Flight cancelled? Don't ask for your money back or you'll lose!

    Seems you are better off than with Iberia. For my girlfriend, I had booked the flights Buenos Aires - Brussels and Rome - Buenos Aires. After she arrived in Belgium, the Argentine government introduced the restrictions on air travel and her return flight was cancelled. We tried to contact...
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    The Longest Word

    This is not long compared to words in German: or Dutch: These languages have a mechanism to combine multiple words to a single one and you could...
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    When I re-enter Argentina with my new iPhone, will the aduana charge me

    Is the suitcase hand luggage or not? If not, I would not take it on a plane. Airline companies normally have in their fine print that you cannot take valuables in your main luggage and if you do, it is your responsibility if it gets stolen and you won't get any refund. Valuables do get stolen...
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    Kirchnerism's Paradoxical Staying Power

    Or they could look at what the current government is doing. I think this government is destroying the economy more than Macri. Remembering the previous election, it was not about good policy though, it was about that the own side was good and the other side was evil. I do not expect it to be...
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    Reco's on banks

    Banks in Argentina are not like banks in the developed world, where you can freely and cheaply move money around. As Fiscal suggested, you probably do not need a bank account in Argentina, it will give you too much headaches. A lot of Argentines do not have a bank account (this article says...
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    Miami to EZE

    I cannot give advice about Miami, however there are 2 kinds of tests: quick tests with a results in an hour and PCR tests. I understood it takes longer to get the results for a PCR test, typically a day. The lab time for a PCR test takes 4-8 hours.
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    Argentina’s Central Bank Move Raises Inflation Concerns

    You seem well informed, where do you get the information from? The 7.500.000.000 USD subsidy cost for cheap energy is under social services or economic services? (This amount is mentioned at...
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    Argentina’s Creative Approaches to Debt Write Offs

    As a side note, the guy at INDEC who invented underestimating inflation in the 2007-2015 period, so the interest on inflation linked bonds would stay low was Alberto Fernandez.
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    Argentina’s Central Bank Move Raises Inflation Concerns

    The government wants money Alberto's trip to Europe failed to convince other countries to reduce the IMF debt, getting dollars is hard. The private pensions were already nationalised and spent under Christina I in 2008 We still have the money of Argentines on bank accounts. Let the banks buy...
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    Argentina and Uruguay - alike, yet different

    There was corruption in the past, there still is, such as Christina Kirchner amassing over 100 million dollars after coming to power with her husband, all thanks to a "successful law business", some estimate of her wealth, which is probably mostly in black...
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    Argentina suspends beef exports for 30 days

    Unfortunately, the problem is not only the government, but also too many voters who think they have been short-changed and are entitled to things they do not have. Argentine politicians care more about exploiting these feelings to score votes than about doing something good for the country.
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    Argentina suspends beef exports for 30 days

    If we can't have it, others can't have it Now please invest all your money in Argentina
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    Argentina suspends beef exports for 30 days

    Nestor tried this before. As a result, farmers stopped breeding cattle, meat became more scarce and prices went up. This time though, the government will catch the evil conspirators that let the prices of meat go up...
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    Argentina orders Facebook to suspend WhatsApp data sharing

    Some background information about why you could consider to stop using WhatsApp: A better messaging app than WhatsApp:
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    Argentina ready to host Copa America

    Panem et circenses
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    In retrospect, wealthy Argentines must feel sour now about the biggest tax regularisation ever under Macri (over 110 billion USD) . I doubt they will soon fall for another blanqueo.
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    About your foreign savings, check for the rates that apply. (This is the annually returning tax) For your foreign income, if you are to become a tax resident in Argentina and want to comply...
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    Yesterday I read an article where the government was boasting they had collected more than 70% of the projected revenue and it seems they are very aggressive in collecting the tax, though it seems there is also strong resistance to it...
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    Argentina’s Economy Buckles After Leader Puts Politics First

    5 years ago Macri was in power for less then a year. It looked like Argentina had a chance to become normal. Though now we now Macri failed economically and populism came back with a vengeance. In my opinion, it has never been so bad in Argentina now as in the last 10 years. I left the...
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    Have you ever heard an argentine say...

    Also, I think they have a tendency to think they are always right, which implies they do not have to say sorry for anything.