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  1. Quinn

    Ciao BAexpats!

    After almost 2 years in BA, I'm moving on. My next stop in Santiago, Chile. I've visited Santiago 4-5 times in my life, most recently just a couple months ago, and decided it was time to give living there a shot. In the US, I grew up in New York and before moving to BA, had lived in Los Angeles...
  2. Quinn

    Moving: Weights/dumbbells for sale

    Thanks to a minimalist lifestyle (and furnished apartments), I have only 1 thing I have to sell before moving. I have 2 dumbbells with a combined 20 kilos Includes: 2 bars with 4 fasteners (4) 2.5 kilo plates (2) 5 kilo plates If anyone is interested in purchasing, feel free to message me...
  3. Quinn


    Ha, thanks Howard. Yes, those are available at my house when I make them. My favorite empanadas in BA are at El Sanjuanino. First two photos that show up on the Google listing above are ones I took there.
  4. Quinn

    Food in Montevideo, Uruguay

    For those of you planning runs to Uruguay, I'm including some food photos from my most recent Montevideo trip. I've turned going to Montevideo as a regular trip for me, bypassing Colonia, in favor of what I consider to be a better food locale in Montevideo. Some samples: Montevideo, Uruguay...
  5. Quinn

    Food in Santiago, Chile

    And if anyone in BA is looking for a Chilean food fix, there's always Valaparaiso in Palermo
  6. Quinn

    Foodspotting Buenos Aires Guide

    Nice, I'll definitely check it out. Here's the Buenos Aires Foodspotting Guide I setup too...
  7. Quinn

    Restaurant advice

    If at some point the veggie side need a meal on their own, they should check out in Palermo. The best. However, it won't fit your bill for something mixed for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So good options above though.
  8. Quinn

    Expat Pets in Buenos Aires

    As others have pointed out, you are right on. I'm a dog trainer from the USA specializing in animal behavior. I came here about 14 months ago to do dog rescue and volunteer my skill set to fellow rescuers here. And it took me all of a week to notice the difference on average in animal behavior...
  9. Quinn

    What items would you bring to the US?

    HAAA, was just saying that the other day. Told a friend that when I move from here, the only things I'll be taking with me will be my mate cup & straw and to buy one of those penguins as a keepsake.
  10. Quinn

    Credit cards with no foreign transaction fee

    I preach on the topic for US peeps even just traveling often (or moving overseas): Open a Schwab account to avoid any ATM or international/currency exchange fees Get a Capital One card That simple. Even if you've moved already, you can still go through the process of applying and use a family...
  11. Quinn

    Oktoberfest 2011?

    Anyone heading to Oktoberfest in Villa General Belgrano this year?
  12. Quinn

    United Airlines sass warning

    It's the nature of the industry. It's not like people taking there jobs are graduates from a masters program i the business. I always travel with my dog, and it doesn't matter who the employee is, they always tell me I need to use automated check-in first. Even when I explain that I shouldn't...
  13. Quinn

    Shocking new statistics from the USA

    Its funny how the definition (based on a financial figure) of "poverty" seems to change from administration to administration. During the Bush years, the number went up, then during the last presidential campaign, the number went down according to one side of the help facilitate the...
  14. Quinn

    Creating a volunteer website

    I think it's a great idea. I have about 15 years experience in building websites for businesses and organizations. Anyway I can help, I will. I do think that the key is for the site to be clean and simple. And volunteer groups should be able to easily add their own listings via a directory...
  15. Quinn

    Spicy food in BA

    Thanks to Lee's cerviche photo from a week or so ago, I felt the need to make another Barrio Chino run. Made sure to load up on all things spicy. Ended up with all the necessary ingredients to give myself a spicy boost every week, starting with some tofu in a spicy sauce. Funny though that I...
  16. Quinn

    Buenos Aires Food Eseentials

    That's probably it. I frequent there, great options.
  17. Quinn

    Buenos Aires Food Eseentials

    Hi all! I had some site hiccups trying to post a new thread so I'm posting this here as it is related.
  18. Quinn

    Buenos Aires in Food Photos

    Hi all! So here's the last city covered in the Food by City series and it's a city you all know and love: Buenos Aires! Buenos Aires Food Photos These are just a sample of food photos from BA restaurants over the 8 months I've been since last August. I encourage anyone interested to also...
  19. Quinn

    Imported Good Shops Practically Out of Business!!

    Dani, I came to the conclusion 10 months ago here that it would be more cost effective if stores here that WEREN'T in liquidation be the ONLY ones with signs. Because 9 out of 10 stores have to spend money on window lettering, etc, just to keep up ;)
  20. Quinn

    Landlord Requiring $US, won't accept $AR

    Please re-read my updated post above which you responded to. "Rolling over" is in paying more than they agreed to amount. Paying in dollars isn't a problem of note. The red flag is when one is required to pay an amount larger than the agreed to figure because the landlord is requiring a higher...