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  1. NYKate

    Apple Pie Recipe

    Proper American Apple Pie is made with a crust on the top and bottom - we use lots of butter, sugar, canela and a lot of apples (about 6 or 7). A recipe that I like is this one: Use two different types of apples...
  2. NYKate

    Thinking Of Moving To Ba For A While, Safety Fears?

    It really depends on what you consider safe. It is not like traveling to Bogota where you see armed police due to the kidnappings from the FARC. There is a visible police presence here but they really don't care that much about what is considered "petty crime". Here there are what are called...
  3. NYKate

    How You Imagine Forum Members

    I don't smoke....
  4. NYKate

    Graffiti Is A Crime In The Capital Federal

    Of course the street belongs to EVERYONE. That's why I clean up after my dogs. Also, because the street belongs to EVERYONE people should respect that and not paint anti-Semitic/antigay/antiwatever/progovernment/I-love-so-and-so etc all over. Keep your opinions and paint to yourself.
  5. NYKate

    Graffiti Is A Crime In The Capital Federal

    Interesting read from Rudy. Whether or not you agree with the graffiti or if you consider it "art" is irrelevant. Ask the person who just had their house painted and punks decide to place their "artwork" there. Or ask the neighbors how they...
  6. NYKate

    Expiring U.s. Driver's License

    I agree with sleslie23 about the tax consequences. I had a NY drivers license which I let expire on purpose for that very reason. I still have to file for NY State taxes (but do not owe anything) until I move back to the country and into another state (having a license for that state would have...
  7. NYKate

    $675 Rt Houston-Bsas Til End Of May

    Thank you for posting!
  8. NYKate

    Chocolate Chips In Buenos Aires ??

    You can get Aguila chocolate chips in the supermarkets now (check Walmart and Coto). They are dark chocolate I believe. Look for the pink bags. I used them for making cookies this holiday season and they worked out very well!
  9. NYKate

    Vacation In Germany, Suggestions Requested.

    I would focus on Bavaria. Munich is beautiful. You can drive the autobahn and go to the famous Neuschwanstein castle in Schwangau. There is Oberammergau which is know for its passion plays then you can go on to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and take the cable car up to Zugspitze (the highest point in...
  10. NYKate

    Red Velvet Cake Filling Ideas

    You can get Philadelphia cream cheese in Jumbo. Its the same.
  11. NYKate

    (E)Mba At Iae

    Hi Alex, I don't ( i don't have a subscription anymore) but here is a link to the Financial Times' rank for IAE. Whatever you choose, wishing you the best of luck!
  12. NYKate

    (E)Mba At Iae

    IAE is ranked #8 in the world for its EMBA program (check out the wall street journal articles about global EMBA programs). My husband did it and, after a very busy year and a half, he graduated. He graduated not only with a degree but with lifelong friends, amazing contacts and job...
  13. NYKate

    These Are The People Who Are Stealing Your Money

    Yes. The photo of the owner of fravega is not of the correct person either. It is very sad that people really believe this.
  14. NYKate

    Prepaga Health Insurance

    I have Hospital Italiano and never had a problem. My husband and I (both mid 30's) have had surgery there and I have had a baby there. All of my doctors were/are excellent, all of the nurses I had were awesome as well. The only issue is the wait. There are A LOT of patients at the hospital...
  15. NYKate

    Correo Strike

    I have been receiving mail from the US for the past two months with no more problems than usual. I would look into trying to track your letters if possible.
  16. NYKate

    For Those Who Filed An I 130 With The Usic

    Sorry! I forgot to post the links below!!|8767
  17. NYKate

    For Those Who Filed An I 130 With The Usic

    I means USCIS! Too excited to spell check, sorry!! Check this out! http://lawandborder....-2013-11-20.pdf there was a letter writing campaign by users of Visa Journey and apparently it worked! I got a notice at 2am this morning that my case was transferred to Nebraska Service Center which now...
  18. NYKate

    Adopting Children In Argentina

    The process for adoption is very long and stressful. We looked into it last year. I have had friends who have gone through it and friends who are family lawyers. Keep in mind by years: it took them 10 years. As a permanent resident you have to wait until you have been living here 5 years to...
  19. NYKate

    Ali Express

    My friend said that she just paid US$8 for the shoes and they delivered them to her door. No idea what the tax would have been as she only paid that one price. I have not ordered anything yet but it is tempting!!
  20. NYKate

    Ali Express

    Good luck Frenchie! I have had many terrible run ins with Correo Argentino. Most recently was this weekend when they finally sent us a notice to come pick up a package. It turns out they held onto my husbands birthday gift for over a month. My friends and I were talking about this last...