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    Working in "blanco" - Process with migraciones

    Hi everybody, I found a job in an argentinian company. I am on a tourist visa. The company seems to have no idea, how to employ a european foreigner. I was supposed to begin today, and they just asked me for the CUIL. I'd like to make it easy for both of us and give them the right steps to...
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    Anybody has an MP3/IPOD to sell ?

    Hi, I need to buy a simple MP3 reader o an ipod. Does anyone has one to sell ? I also need a portable loudspeaker base. No need to be the ultimate generation... Thanks !!
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    Sublet studio in Palermo - Jan/Feb 2010 - 550 USD

    The studio is situated in the Palermo area. 3 blocks from metro station "Bulnes". Walking distance to parcs and most milongas (Canning, la Viruta...) It is calm and sunny. Balcony. Living room equipped with a single bed (and another bed below). Kitchen wiht oven, refrigirator and freezer...
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    Looking for a long term furnished one bedroom rental

    Hi, I am looking for a furnished one bedroom appartment from july or august 2009 on. I already live in Buenos Aires since almost 2 years and plan to stay at least one more year. I could consider all offers, but would prefer Palermo, Recoleta, Belgrano or Colegiales. Thanks in advance for any...