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  1. Quinn

    Ciao BAexpats!

    After almost 2 years in BA, I'm moving on. My next stop in Santiago, Chile. I've visited Santiago 4-5 times in my life, most recently just a couple months ago, and decided it was time to give living there a shot. In the US, I grew up in New York and before moving to BA, had lived in Los Angeles...
  2. Quinn

    Moving: Weights/dumbbells for sale

    Thanks to a minimalist lifestyle (and furnished apartments), I have only 1 thing I have to sell before moving. I have 2 dumbbells with a combined 20 kilos Includes: 2 bars with 4 fasteners (4) 2.5 kilo plates (2) 5 kilo plates If anyone is interested in purchasing, feel free to message me...
  3. Quinn

    Food in Montevideo, Uruguay

    For those of you planning runs to Uruguay, I'm including some food photos from my most recent Montevideo trip. I've turned going to Montevideo as a regular trip for me, bypassing Colonia, in favor of what I consider to be a better food locale in Montevideo. Some samples: Montevideo, Uruguay...
  4. Quinn

    Oktoberfest 2011?

    Anyone heading to Oktoberfest in Villa General Belgrano this year?
  5. Quinn

    Buenos Aires in Food Photos

    Hi all! So here's the last city covered in the Food by City series and it's a city you all know and love: Buenos Aires! Buenos Aires Food Photos These are just a sample of food photos from BA restaurants over the 8 months I've been since last August. I encourage anyone interested to also...
  6. Quinn

    Landlord Requiring $US, won't accept $AR

    Does anyone know the AR legality with this? Can a landlord legally require $US and have the right to not accept $AR? And then only permit $AR if tenant pays $4.40AR per $1US (current exchange rate is $4.20) since the $4.40 rate is what $US are on the black market? I do know that the...
  7. Quinn

    Food in Santiago, Chile

    There have been a number of threads on the forum of late of the Santiago vs BA type. I recently took another trip to Santiago in late July through mid-august as I was craving good seafood. So for anyone interested in food in Santiago, here's my Santiago in Food Photos article.
  8. Quinn

    Buenos Aires guides on 4square & Foodspotting

    As part of my food site,, I've put together a couple fun little food guides for any users of Foursquare and Foodspotting. Calling them the "Ate8", a list of 8 foods/restaurants to try. all you need to do is click the "follow" button on each page and then check-in/spot away. In...
  9. Quinn

    Buenos Aires Food Eseentials

    Hello fellow food fans! So I'm putting together a list of Buenos Aires food essentials and thought that ya'll might be the best source for good info. What I'm looking for is simple: what restaurants do you think are the most important for someone to visit to try a specific cuisine. Have just...
  10. Quinn

    Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Empanadas & Shepard's Pie Empanadas

    On a recent trip to Santiago, we took a night off of the seafood and sushi bonanza for some home cooking. And it seemed like a good time to try a different twist on the Argentinian favorite, the popular empanada. The result was combining my love for Southern US BBQ into an empanada, as well as...
  11. Quinn

    Pet Travel Question: BA to Santiago, to Mendoza, to Santiago to BA

    OK folks, got a pet travel question that is a bit an English filter for some initial feedback is greatly appreciated before trying to deal with SENASA: So I'm in BA and planning a trip. Will be flying to Santiago since it's cheap on Air Canada and they allow pet in cabin. Then once...
  12. Quinn

    Quick SENASA Question: USA to BA

    Hi there! I'm traveling in the US right now and headed back to BA in a few days. I have done a number of USA to BA trips and vice versa over the past year with my dog. My question is this: has anyone come to BA with a USDA certified APHIS 7001 form that was older than 10 days? I usually...
  13. Quinn

    Ribs de Jabali @ Oro & Cándido

    I recently posted here about the Empanadas de Yacare, Fandu and Jabali. That same night, I also tried the Ribs de Jabali. Here's a photo: All in all, they are pretty subpar at Oro & Cándido. Maybe I got a bad batch, but...
  14. Quinn

    Jabali, Ostrich & Yacaré Empanadas @ Oro & Cándido

    For anyone looking for some different meat options in BA, you'll find them at Oro & Cándido. In addition to some regular meat dishes with yacaré, ñandú y jabali, you'll also find their empanada gourmet sampler with the three meats. Here's a photo of them I placed on...
  15. Quinn

    2010 United States Tax Filing Thread

    With is being tax season in the US and with so many expats from the US here, I though it would be a good time to start a new thread on the topic. If you have any tips for people filing, any advice on services, to use, then please share. But let's keep this as a useful resource and not a debate...
  16. Quinn

    Pros and Cons of Living in Buenos Aires vs Other International Cities

    I'm putting something together and thought you'd all be great sources for interesting takes. To keep it simple, I looking to create a list of "pros" and "cons" of living in BsAs versus living in another city somewhere in the world. Now, it's important to note that the comparisons and contrasts...
  17. Quinn

    Best BBQ/Barbecue/Barbacoa sauce

    Figured if there are any other traditional southern USA BBQ fans here, that it would be worthwhile to have a dedicated thread to some of the off the counter sauce options here in BA. There are a number of different BBQ sauce styles even in the US. Some focus on a heavier tomato presence, like...