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  1. Napoleon

    Feliz Día De La Primavera!

    Happy Spring Day everyone. Like most years, it is a rainy day in BA on Spring Day. But it's also Students' Day (kind of a one day Spring Break), where all the students skip school, get drunk, gather in the park, and often break bottles all over the place. It's also a day when men are...
  2. Napoleon

    Cable Car Film Clip From 1906 (A.k.a. "cobblestone Chaos")

    There is a video on Facebook of a street life in San Francisco in 1906*. *four days before the Great California Earthquake of April 18th 1906. OK, so it's not Buenos Aires, but most likely it is not very different. Perhaps SF had a few more cars, but the unlined street is filled with...
  3. Napoleon

    Is The Reciprocal Fee Us$300 Now?! (Need Help Today)

    I'm trying to help my sister get her reciprocal fee form because she flies here tonight and we can't figure out the reciprocal fee form. It seems to be US$300 now. Is that true? HELP!!
  4. Napoleon

    Selling My Stuff (Camera, Kitchen, Electronics & Fitness)

    I going back for my annual visit to see the family, but this visit will last longer than most, so I'm selling lots of stuff. In the last 12 months I've moved about 7 times (subletting from friends) and realized that I didn't need most of the stuff I was moving from location to location. I also...
  5. Napoleon

    La Exposición De La Rural July 17Th-27Th !!

    I love this event every year. La Rural! (said with a thick Texas accent) Starts tomorrow, THURSDAY July 17th @ 9am and goes through SUNDAY July 27th (8pm). Every day is 9am-8pm and is "fun for the whole family". http://www.exposicio...r/infogral.html...
  6. Napoleon

    "we're Going To Puerto Madero" The Song... Is Genius!

    Apparently this song was put up on YouTube back in 2010, but I never saw it. This, however is pure awesomeness in an understated... re tranqui kind of way.
  7. Napoleon

    Expat Article Of The Week (Ba Herald)

    Though most people never take a peak at the Buenos Aires Herald, there is a weekly segment that I think is quite pertinent to this board. Sorrel Moseley-Williams writes a weekly article about an expat (or expat couple). I think that this could be a weekly topic of conversation, so I'm starting...
  8. Napoleon

    Two Gallery Openings Tonight (Thursday, July 18Th)

    There are two art gallery events tonight from 7pm-9pm (though one might be until 10pm. One is in Recoleta and one is in Palermo Soho: #1: RECOLETA A group show of small works called- "Historias Minimas" Gallery Rubbers International Av. Alvear y Montevideo 7pm-9pm (or 10pm) ...and... #2...
  9. Napoleon

    Why Is Cfk Trying To Move The Christopher Columbus Statue?

    Today I noticed this story on my Saturday edition of La Nacion. Then I saw it on the cover of today's LA Razon. And since both papers are "anti-K", I was interested in finding out the non-partisan and the K reason(s) for moving the statue. As someone who gives tours, I often point out various...
  10. Napoleon

    Argentina's 2013 Winning Streak Continues

    When looking OUTSIDE of the country's borders for Argentine success(es) in 2013, the "wins" just keep on coming. Of course Messi is the reigning King of Fútbol. Máxima is the Queen of The Netherlands (which includes Curaçao... even when someone "LOOKS AT THE MAP!") Francisco (a.k.a. "Mario...
  11. Napoleon

    39Th Feria Del Libro (2013) April 19Th To May 7Th

    Since no one has started a thread about this year's Book Fair, I thought I would. Along with a plug for a book signing tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) at 6:00pm at the USA Embassy's pavilion. One of BAexpats favorite Puerta Cerrada chefs/owners, Chistina Sunae of Cocina Sunae, is having a book...
  12. Napoleon

    Ba Herald Article Covering The Falklands/malvinas Refendum

    Either yesterday or today's Buenos Aires Herald has an article by an Anglo-Argentine who went to the islands to cover the referendum. He spoke with Kelpers and Argentine vets alike. It's an interesting read. [/size][/color][/font] http://www.buenosair...a-misconception
  13. Napoleon

    Puma vs All-Blacks in La Plata: Transportation Question

    A friend of a friend (Kiwi) is going to be in BsAs this weekend and he and a friend are going to the Rugby Match in La Plata on Saturday. (8pm start I believe) He asked me how to get down there. And I wasn't too sure. Does anyone have a recommendation for a Shared Ride down to La Plata, AND...
  14. Napoleon

    Store Closings: Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Escada, & Zenga

    Not that I shop at any of the stores listed in the "Title", but these stores, Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Escada, & Zenga, have all closed up Argentine operations for the foreseeable future due to the inability of them to get their merchandise into the country. I like to take clients into the Ralph...
  15. Napoleon

    Something new: Out with the Roca, in with the Eva
  16. Napoleon

    Feliz Día del Amigo!

    I'm posting this in the Newcomers Forum because all of the old hats are already familiar with this holiday, but... FELIZ DÍA DEL AMIGO!! ...para todos y todas... ;) (for those who are less informed) Enjoy your day with friends. I've got a...
  17. Napoleon

    LA RURAL starts today (July 19th-31st, 2012)

    Just a heads up that if you see people dressed like this: ...and this... ...on the subte or running around Palermo (Plaza Italia specifically), it's because "La Rural" is back for 2012. From the farm animals, to the birds, to the salamis/quesos, to the off-roading area for trucks way in...
  18. Napoleon

    Happy Independence Day: Caminos y Sabores

    Looking for something to do today? Well head to La Rural (SOON!!) to checkout the last day of "Caminos y Sabores". Lots of "Cosas Artesenales" (or maybe that's "Artesenalas"...?) Anyway, here is a thread from a previous years to check out what they have to...
  19. Napoleon

    LAN + TAM = "Latam" (Airline Merger)

    I was just looking at the BBC website and they announced that LAN Chile had bought TAM Airlines from BRAZIL in a move that makes "Latam" the second largest airline company in the world. Chile really has their $#!+ together. No word yet on flights from Brazil to the Falklands, but they could...
  20. Napoleon

    Argentina's Sergio "Kün" Agüero becomes a god in Manchester, England

    Showing that Argentina and England can actually get along, three Argentines started for Manchester City today: Pablo Zabaleta (Defender) scored goal #1 Carlos Tevez (Forward) instigated a response from an opponent that saw him sent off the pitch with a straight red card. Sergio "Kün" Aguero...