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    Western Union money transfer

    Don't forget that when you go to withdraw your money from the bank, they give you a ridiculous conversion rate, charge an exorbitant withdrawal fee, and demand the duplication of these fees if you need more money than their piddly limit ....... the banks here are a sick joke.
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    Vidal: If the government wins this election, it will become more radical

    only if you're attracted to air-heads....IMHO
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    Pollution turns Argentina lake bright pink

    I have NEVER understood how this damaging level of corporate arrogance is tolerated...... and remains unaddressed at the expense and risk of the citizens involved...... what exempts this business from responsible management and simply driving 35 miles to avoid all of this ? ....governments...
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    act like they understand the responsibilities of living in a civil society....... they already benefit from the privilage.
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina

    Many, many years ago, when I was in class.....and awake.....they drilled the value of research into us...... what they told us was ''if your mother says she loves you, research it''..... seemed a bit extreme at the it turns out.....absolutely correct......and in todays toxic...
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    What is the situation now?

    I agree......with the exception of your last sentence.....I don't think they have '' handled the pandemic very poorly ''.......they have handled it as best they could considering the unfounded and politically biased may be nitpicking, but I would word it.....'' management of...
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    a number of ''check-in'' personnel lack the basic understandings of Int'l travel, and their software provides no clear a result, they tend to dig-in and overreach their have to get a manager involved......several years ago, an agent was denying my boarding to...
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    Israel summons Argentina's ambassador over anti-Israel UNHRC vote

    Would you rather they kiss up to the US and start another Dirty War ?
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    Argentina suspends beef exports for 30 days

    displays more unsubstantiated snark than intellectual understanding of the referenced events.
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    Coffee chat outdoors?

    I wish.....I'm still under '' house arrest '' until I get my vaccination......maybe next time !
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    Argentina's cashless king targets Latin America's unbanked millions

    It do the subsequent recessions
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    Is Western Union asking non-residents for a CDI now?

    why not comply with the host countries request that you amend your visa to reflect your need to ''game'' a receptive compliance is encouraged and affordable......the pandemic has created some wrinkles, but again, as long as you are attempting to comply, they will not...
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    Looking to invest $1 million USD in Argentina - what should I buy?

    I would take some exception to your comment regarding ''quality of service''.....professionalism is taught and does not exist without training and most large corporations doing business in Argentina, it is not even a concern.....if no one at the top cares, then...
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    Why do you choose Argentina?

    It's interesting.....wages have been stagnant in the US for decades and discretionary income has declined considerably.....however.....when the cost of items do rise , as they constantly do, it's promoted as indicative of a strong business environment......inflation, nope, nothing to see here...
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    Anyone used "Atención Rápida" for new DNI & passport?

    Better call Saul.....I'm sure there is an avenue...... sometimes they are just difficult to find.........good luck
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    Venting on BAexpats...'s just that venting is such a bitch....and.....actually solves very little
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    Venting on BAexpats...