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    women's or coed basketball

    count me in too!
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    I admit it: I watch CrónicaTV

    There's a classic headline from a few years back... two men and a bolivian killed. HAHAHA these guys are SO bizzare...
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    Ground Irish Coffee????

    Hey people! I'm curious. Has anyone come across ground irish coffee?? I ran out and can't find any at the usual coffee stores like bonafide, coffee store, cafe martinez. I die for this stuff!!! :)
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    Dave Matthews at Luna Park?

    How much are seats? I'm dying to go see incubus too. Campo is great! The only thing is that ticket prices are insanely high...campo for incubus is 280. I wonder how much it's for DMB...
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    28 year old Canadian girl moving permenantly to BA this August - looking to meet up!

    I love the idea! Most of us are in our late 20, early 30s and can share a lot of things! Plus getting together with expats is wonderful!! Let's arrange!! who else is up for it? besos! Nancy
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    28 year old Canadian girl moving permenantly to BA this August - looking to meet up!

    Hey! I'm from Edmonton, Alberta and have been living permanently here in BA for almost 12 years. My bf is Argentine so we could def meet up! :) Nancy
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    Blood in the streets (and sidwalks).

    Yup, big cities are dangerous and you have to become street smart and aware of what`s going on around you. Sometimes blood is due to the fact that somebody had an accident, I saw a guy having a seizure downtown, and he was smashing his face on the sidewalk... My advice, is just be careful.
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    Monedero Cards - any luck finding a station with one?

    I got mine last year at Plaza de Mayo station. This summer I got one from The Coffee Store on Av Cordoba and Alem. :)
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    Under 30?

    I`m 28! There`s this place I haven`t been to KIKA, Tuesday nites, great music, not the usual stuff (cumbia crap etc) that you hear in clubs and it`d be great to go. Or just to meet expats around a good old offence older ppl, i guess it`s a way of relating...
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    Emergency services in BA?

    The great thing about Argentina is having free health care, I mean, if an emergency comes up you WILL be taken care of at a hospital even if you don`t have any health care coverage. Once you have the opportunity to have health care coverage, then you can go to specific hospitals and such. Don`t...
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    Hey all! I came across this site looking for God knows what...and signed up. And never actually posted anything, busy life in BA I guess. So, I just wanted to say hi to everyone! I`m not new in BA, in fact I`ve been living here for 11 years now. I guess I could be considered a `veteran`on this...
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    Buying a mattress

    I'm having the same dilema and hence haven't bought a matress yet...still got the old double one that I brought when I moved here from Canada. We're looking into buying a queen size, and checking out prices. The other day on I found a Canon queen size for $1200...