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    extra baggage from EZE to Canada question

    Has anyone flown from BsAs to Canada recently on Air Canada? We are definitely going to have an extra bag or two and I was wondering whether they were lenient with extra gear or not. As well any idea of what the charges are, the website says one thing while the customer service rep I spoke...
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    Teatro Colon tour hours?

    We were there yesterday and we asked about tours, they said they were not sure yet what was going on and more info should be released today.
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    Luggage Store

    Hi all, I need to find two big good-quality suitcases with wheels. I have had a look on Calle Florida but I am not sure if this is the best place to buy. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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    A video for those who'd like to bring their car to Argentina

    I suppose some people would prefer to not continue or be part of the corruption even if it makes it faster. We chose to try and not pay anyone off...of course it is naive but for us we preferred to do it as 'bribe-free' as possible. That's not to say we did not have to pay...we did but not as...
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    A video for those who'd like to bring their car to Argentina

    all part of the adventure! we did the drive the other way and experienced the same logistical issues in Colombia. You just have to play the game.
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    Calling All Canadians- Interested in Going to The Can-Arg Football/Concert May 24?

    hey has anyone heard from mendozanow this am? please pm if you have.
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    simple flat leather boots (good store or custom-made)

    I am a total nerd but I did find that site and am planning to check it out...I am on the boot mission! Thanks so much for your help like I said all this amazing leather but nothing simple. They said they could but it would be very "polo"-ish. I do like the boots but you know when you have...
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    simple flat leather boots (good store or custom-made)

    Hey Citygirl, They have wonderful boots and it is so amazing that they hand-make them all but the polo style is not quite what I am looking for (sorry sorry I am picky). It is so weird I thought VISA would be locking down my credit card here as I expected to be drowning in amazing leather boot...
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    simple flat leather boots (good store or custom-made)

    Hey citygirl, You wouldn't happen to have a picture of your friend's more fashiony boots would you? I have a photo as well as a clear picture of what I I would be interested to see if your friend's resemble my idea. I am going to head to Casa de las Botas tomorrow but I am not too...
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    Buying a second-hand car

    could be i am not sure, but i think you might run into hassle at the port but it is possible. a lot of europeans who do the drive ship their vehicles here and then drive to the US or CAN. it cost friend of our $1000 US to ship their car from BA to Miami.
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    Buying a second-hand car

    Have you thought about buying a car from a foreigner. It can take some wrangling with aduana but it is totally possible and there are often people who drive from the US/CAN all the way to Argentina (yep I am one of them). Driving here is not that crazy here just different and you just need to...
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    Hiking machu picchu

    I agree with davonz..definitely book when you get there and ask for discounts as usually they are willing to negotiate. We did not do the traditional Inca trail we did an alternative trek (Lares) with a company called Qente We found them to be very friendly and fair with...
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    simple flat leather boots (good store or custom-made)

    The thing is I want them plain you think either place would be agreeable to making them without any fancy stuff? How long does it take for pair to be made?
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    simple flat leather boots (good store or custom-made)

    Hey Ladies, I have been scouring this city for the perfect flat knee-high round toe leather boots - no zips, tassels, studs or other crazy adornments are wanted. I did find one pair but (of course!) they were sold out in my size :( Anyway I am sure I am not the only one looking for classic...
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    Volunteering with kids in BsAs

    Hi all, My sister might come for a visit this July and she would like to volunteer with children in some capacity. She works with children in Canada at a non-profit and has lots of experience and, of course, she adores kids! Any suggestions of whom she could contact? Anywhere that really...
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    Really Nice DOG needs good home

    Oh, so she has been adopted yet? I am tempted if she has not been.
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    Damn Thats some Serious Hail!!!

    In almagro as well!
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    want to find cheap flat/house to rent shared with Argentinians

    I am sure you already have but try craigslist to find shared living accommodation. We found our apartment on there!
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    Leather Alterations

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good leather alteration shop? I need to have the sleeves of a jacket shortened a smidge. Thanks!