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    Fridge for Sale

    I have an Electrolux DC35 Fridge with Super Freezer for sale - paid $2600 and selling for $1800. Details are here. I also have a entertainment center/TV stand - similiar to this one - for $200
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    Things for Sale

    Hi all, I'm moving back to the states in about a month and will be selling all of my stuff. While I'm hoping to sell some things to the next renter, I thought I'd see if anything had any interest here. Electrolux DC35 with Super Freezer - available at Fravega here for $2649 - $2000 Noblex...
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    Fishing in Bariloche

    Does anyone have any experience fly fishing in bariloche? If you do and you have an outfit or guide that you'd recommend for a morning or afternoon of fishing, please pass their contact info. Thanks!
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    Local Cheese

    I'm hoping someone might be able to suggest the name of a really good type of local cheese. I'm heading back to the States for Thanksgiving and want to bring some great local cheese for my family. The only restriction is that it not be really soft (like Brie) so that I get help up at customs...
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    Fitness Store

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a general fitness store? I'm looking for a place that sells yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, the push-up things, etc...
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    Has anyone been to the city of Neuquén before? I was originally looking to book a fishing trip for the holiday in October but the season doesn't start until Nov 1. Regardless, some friends wanted to go somewhere for the long weekend and I found good airfare prices to Neuquén. If anyone has...
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    DNI Turno

    Has anyone tried calling for a turno for a DNI? I went this morning and was given a number to call (4346-1880). I've been calling constantly for the past several hours and the three times the call has gone through, I either get music for a few seconds and then the sound of disconnected number...
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    Constancia de la alta temprana

    Quick question concerning a work visa. I took my certificado de residencia precaria to migraciones this morning along with my alta temprana from AFIP...with that I received a sheet of paper saying that I had completed everything for the Constancia de la alta temprana. My question is do I have...
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    Bank Account

    Has anyone opened a bank account at Banco Frances? I need to open an account (Caja de Ahorro Sueldos) so that my company can direct deposit my salary. I have a CUIL and Certificado de Residencia I need anything other than my passport to get this done??
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    Anses - cuil

    I know there is information scattered around about obtaining a CUIL but I couldn't find the information I needed. I went to migraciones last week and now have my CERTIFICADO DE RESIDENCIA PRECARIA and need to go to ANSES to get my CUIL. Has anyone done this recently? Do I need to make an...
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    Can anyone recommend a tailor who speaks some English. I need to get the sleeves of a few blazers shortened - I'm happy to practice my Spanish but not at the expense of a nice piece of clothing...
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    Passport Translation

    This might be a stupid question, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I am getting my passport translated and am curious if I just need the first two pages translated or do I also need the "Important Information" (pages 2-7 on the US Passport) translated as well... So if I go with the...
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    Where to get passport photos...

    I need to have two passport photos taken for my work visa application...does anyone know where I can get that taken care of? edit: never mind, sounds like you can get them all over the place...
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    ATM eats Debit Card

    Last night my ATM card was eaten by an ATM at BNP Paribas (Oro y Demaria), said it couldn't read the card and then wouldn't return it. Today I checked online and have 5 transactions (all today) from Easy's in Pilar. Has this every happened to anyone??
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    Where to buy coax cable...

    Does anyone know where you can buy a coax cable for a TV? The cable that goes straight from the wall. I've been to Fravega, Easy's, and a few small electronics stores and struck out at all of them. I just bought a TV and can't watch anything...Thanks.
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    Work Visa

    I know there have been a lot of posts regarding DNI and visas, but I think most of them are related to the "rentista" visa. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to apply for a work visa (I think they are 12 months). Here is my situation, or perhaps my problem: I am...
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    Colonia anyone?

    It's come time to renew my visa so I'm heading to Colonia on Friday. I'm going alone and thought I'd throw a post to see if by chance anyone else was going so I'd have someone to meet up and explore with. Unfortunately someone at work booked me out of the port in La Boca...has anyone been...
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    Hello all,I just joined the group and wanted to introduce myself...I just moved here a few weeks ago to live and work. I grew up in the States (SC), went to Vanderbilt and spent time in Boston and SC before moving here. My spanish/castellano is pretty horrible at present, but I'm looking...