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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    As far as I know they didn't make any allegations of anti-semitism against me...because they themselves are anti-semites. They believe Jews control the world and the Mossad did 9/11. Why are you wasting time arguing with them? Of course Fascism, Nazism, Carlism, Rexism, Francoism, etc., are all...
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    He didn't detect anything, he's just plugging into the small set of cliches he learned while in Paris, among which is the crap that Fascists are "repressed homosexuals." This is one of the lamest homilies around, and it's particularly stupid (hypocritical?) coming from liberals and leftists who...
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    Gentile is good as are many others, and I was quite open in calling Fascism a legitimate response of the Italian People to mortal dangers facing them at the time, so I don't see what the big secret is here. The fact is, however, as much as I respect this man and the Fascist movement, I am not...
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    Bottle of Vodka and Fight

    Smiling at my posts is betrays a Racist and Insensitive attitude on your part to smile at my threads; only reeducation by forum political officers can save you from spiraling into hatred and Racism from reading my threads. I think it's funny that this old thread was dug up and...
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    Empanada Delivery in Palermo

    The best empanadas in BA in general are at a place I think called La Cocina on Pueyrredon near Arenales, they're catamarquenas. I don't know how far into Palermo they deliver.
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    Natural and organic guide to Buenos Aires

    Does this say where you can find organic milk---real milk---in BA? How can the dairy be so bad in a cattle country?
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    I wasn't referring to you in my last post. Should I have? Some readers may want to ask themselves why the midgets on this board have had such a hysterical, fearful response to my original post. What are they afraid of?
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    I have no intention to start petty arguments with mental and spiritual midgets on this forum. I already explained this. I am waiting for someone who can tell if the Youth of Argentina is preparing a grand Movement whose Columns will sweep the Nation and establish a new spiritual revolutionary...
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    The story of the Expat who died at the summit of Aconcagua

    Mountain climbing is a spiritual enterprise for men with excellence in the blood! The mediocre stay in the plains and flatlands. He died a glorious death, much better than most people's, it is nothing to feel sorry about.
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    I think it's funny to see "orwellian" "cabrera" "french" "jurist" etc. freak out so much over my post, call me a murderer, evil, insane, etc., "fascist" (as if they know what this word means), try to imply I'm a homosexual (don't they support gay rights though?)...I think that if I wait a few...
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    I guess this is what passes for humor when you're a bourgeois lawyer who thinks in clichees. I're a pretentious "French jurist" not a cheap money-grubbing lawyer looking for a gig on an expat site.
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    Greek Gyros Lamb

    There is a new store on Rodriguez Pena, between Santa Fe and Arenales. They're Syrian and they have lamb and chicken shawarma. It's 12 pesos and it's a decent amount of meat but the meat is not great quality. It's also pretty bland, as they don't have the red hot sauce. But their falafel and...
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )

    England possesses the Falklands by right of war, if Argentina wants them back it must become stronger.
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    hello ( books and bike)

    Hey I'm curious...what expat org/site in Rio are you talking about? I'm thinking of moving back there soon and could use such a resource.
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    Asian Food

    I've written before, I think Bi Won in Once (on Junin) is really great Korean food, and it tries to be authentic. Try the pork.
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    I called for murder? Of who? You ninnies and dorks will stoop to any lie to try and silence those who are exposing you. Also, you present yourself as a "jurist" but your writing is incoherent and close to illiterate..."US American, this user advocates xenophobia and one comes to wonder if he...
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    CARNIVAL! at Gualeguaychu

    I'm wondering how Carnival at Gualeguaychu went and how it compares to places in Brazil, if anyone knows...
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    National Revolution in Argentina?

    It seems as if some petty individuals and stooges have tried to hijack this thread. My question is for those who live in Argentina, if they think the youth of Argentina are on the way to initiating such a movement. Someone said the young people he knows are trying to get an education and just...
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    Terrorist state Israel assassinates Hamas leader in Dubai

    LOL....OK, Mr. Tin Foil Man...