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    Lawyer Recommendations

    Hi. I'm starting a company here in Buenos Aires and would like to know if anybody could recommend a good but honest lawyer who could guide me with the legal side of things. Thanks!!!
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    Exporting a car

    My friend who is a keen VW Kombi restorer is looking for a new project. I told him that there are plenty of them here and I have been wondering if anybody has ever exported a car from here to Great Britain? I would really like to hear of any experiences.
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    Velez vs Santos 10pm tonight!! Anyone want to go.

    Hi!! We are a small tour company who specialise in visiting football stadium and matches in Buenos Aires. Due to technical problems (we only got the tickets today!) we are offering a special price chance to see Velez take on Santos (with Neymar). All inclusive price of 250 pesos including Platea...
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    Transferring money from English bank - Argentine bank

    Hi everyone. I need to transfer some money from my Barclays account in England to my Standard Bank account in Argentina and would like to know if anybody has done anything like this and what to expect from the Argentine bank and the costs they charge. Also if anybody knows a better way to...
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    English Teaching materials for sale.

    Looking to off load a number of English text books. Great for the new teacher in Buenos Aires. Lots of titles (over 20), general and business English. All must go. $150 the lot. If you're interested please contact me at
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    Looking to get out of teaching. Different Jobs for expats.

    Hi everyone! Every year I say that it's going to be my last teaching English, but every year I end up teaching English!! Is there any other jobs out there? I have heard that alot of expats are working from home over the internet for companies back in their homelands. Has anyone got any contacts...
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    Second Hand Teaching Materials. All must go, $150 the lot!!!!

    Hi! I'm looking to offload a great deal of English Text Books that I have accumulated over the last 4 years. Some good titles like Headway, Business Objectives, Insights into Business. Great for a new teacher just starting out here in Argentina. Some books could be used for regular courses...
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    3rd Buenos Aires Table Football Open (Subbuteo)

    On the 29th and 30th of November Buenos Aires will be holding an official Table Football Open. If there are any expats that would love to play please check out the following link; There is still time to enter and to practice a little before hand.
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    Subbuteo + Table Football in Buenos Aires!!

    This might be a long shot but are there any expats familiar with Subbuteo / Table Football. You might have played as a kid kneeling on the floor flicking little guys around a green cloth. Well there is a club that is starting to meet every week in Palermo and as the only foreign member I thought...