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    ARCTIC MONKEYS at Luna Park

    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that on the comming Wednesday, Oct. 24th, the brilliant 'Arctic Monkeys' will play at Luna Park. I'll be there...
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    an album that changed the world...

    Due to the 20th anniversary of Guns N' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction' which in my opinion is one of the best records ever (if not the best), I would like to take the chance to ask the BA-expats about their favoured album(s). What are your must-haves?
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    almost new in BA, looking for contacts and music from Europe

    Hi everbody, I'm Oliver from Hamburg, Germany and I'm in BA since beginning of March now. Of course I'm also looking for contacts but my greatest concern at the moment is how to get the latest (Rock-/Independent-) music (on CD) from Europe (especially UK). Also music from the US is rare here...