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    Le Marché @ Plaza Francia

    Today and tomorrow the typical french food market is taking place in Recoleta, Plaza Francia.
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    Gotenna Opinion?

    Hi, I read about goTenna and want to know your inputs: "Create your own off-grid network in under a minute with goTenna. When there's no cell coverage or wifi, activate goTenna by pulling the antenna out, then wirelessly pair to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth-LE. Set up your account...
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    French Film Festival Online And Free - New Movie Makers

    The 5th edition of this festival is happening now, from mid january to mid february. You can watch the selected movies online and vote on the different categories. Also, for today, "Plein soleil" with Alain Delon can be watched. To access to the festival feel free go to myfrenchfilmfestival dot com.
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    Today and tomorrow this event is taking place in Argentina, with around 160 companies included for online shopping. Keep in mind that you need to use a credit card issued by an argentinian bank. Also the valid date of the "factura" is when you receive the product or service, and you have 10 days...
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    Ecuador Food Festival In Ba

    The Embassy of Ecuador is hosting a festival with food and folkore music this friday, saturday and sunday at Sheraton Hotel. One of the options is sunday´s brunch. For reservations you need to call 4318-9264
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    Harina Pan - Arepas

    Dear all, a good friend of mine is looking for this specific product:"harina PAN". She needs it ASAP because of her work. I will appreciate any tip or link provided. Thank you
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    Tango - Festival y Mundial

    I just came back from the Festival, and it is amazing!!! There are classes for beginners, conferences, orquestas playing tango, en exhibition about Piazzola, all the different styles of tango at the same place. I saw a class of tango canyengue, lots of fun!! The place is at Centro Municipal de...
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    Latinoamerican Culture and Identity Day

    LA NIÑA, LA PINTA Y LA SANTA CONCIENCIA Students from Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (UBA) are organizing and inviting to the II meeting “La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa Conciencia”. An space for creativity and thinking about...
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    Travel for free to Tucuman
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    Art on line

    I just started taking art classes and I would like to show my work in a good way, better than a tiny image in a social network page or wall. I would like to know about a good website where to post paintings. I have seen some art galleries on line, in some of them you can post your art for...
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    Jerry Simkin

    A friend of mine is looking for his old friend Jerry. They lost contact some years ago, and I would appreciate if you have any info about Jerry. My friend only knows that Jerry lives in Buenos Aires. Thank you!
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    Feria del libro Bs As 2011 There are also cultural and professional events with previous inscription.
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    English pronounciation

    I am looking for a good resource (like a book, or software) available to help a friend of mine to improve his English pronounciation.
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    Alcohol at Callao & Cordoba

    I am looking for a good bar or pub around the area, near the subway station. Good atmosphere and affordable prices accepted.
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    Ergonomic workstation

    I am looking for a desk, armchair and computer accesories designed and buildt under ergonomic principles. Please let me know if you have any hint.
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    Movies Festivals in BA

    Coming soon: - BAFICI -
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    Capital Federal

    I am wondering if anyone knows the size of Capital Federal, perhaps in square meters? Thanks.
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    A welcoming party to international students

    Check it out: Time Tomorrow at 9:30pm - Saturday at 5:00am Location Lazaro, El Salvador y Bonpland El Salvador 5707 Buenos Aires, Argentina Created By Bais Argentina
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    Malba - Modern papers

    This Thursday is the opening,
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    Long weekend ahead - Plans

    As I am following the threads, there are members of this forum that would like to gather to meet new people. Everyone is welcome to join the weekly meetings held on Wednesday and Friday nights, so I am thinking about meeting up the other days. Correct me if I am wrong, but I see Thursday...