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    Looking for a 2 BR/2 Bath apartment in Belgrano between August 5th and December 19th

    We are leaving our great apartment tomorrow. I'm not sure the landlord would do your price range, but it is worth a try! It's a three bedroom, perfect for a family. My husband did a blog post about the apartment. Go to and search for "Che boludo.". PM if...
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    safety in BA

    We live in Belgrano (right on the edge of Belgrano R), and have two children (5 and 7). I have never felt that my kids were not safe (except when they did foolish things, like stopping to pick something up in the middle of a busy street!), and we've traveled around the city and country a good...
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    Overstaying visa?

    We are leaving in a couple weeks, too, and would be curious if anything has changed in terms of paying the fine...
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    Selling $USD when we arrive

    For us, finding people through BAExpats and then exchanging in our lobby (with the security guy in the vicinity) has felt both safe and easy. It is especially good to work with people who have a decent amount of history posting to the website...
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    Another Moving Sale!

    Things have sold quickly - thanks to all who have bought stuff and lightened our luggage! What's left, you ask? Both Roku's (see earlier description) Tennis balls (and these are tennis balls made in the U.S. - as well as being cheaper than new balls bought here, we also have it on good...
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    Another Moving Sale!

    Yes, sorry!
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    Another Moving Sale!

    I tried to update the list, but couldn't edit. We still have: the blanket, tennis balls, closet organizers, the Rokus, and the travel books.
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    Another Moving Sale!

    Oh, the Samsung phone is also sold.
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    Another Moving Sale!

    Hi Sarii! I tried to send a PM - but you don't have it enabled! It's a very good quality organizer, just heavier than we want to bring back to the US. You can email me at
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    Another Moving Sale!

    Monitor is sold!
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    Another Moving Sale!

    Also - some pretty recent Argentina travel books (see link).
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    Another Moving Sale!

    We're headed back to the US in a couple weeks, and hoping to "shed" some of the things we brought and bought while here! GREAT Dell Monitor! – 24 inch color widescreen monitor S2409Wb – HD 1080p VGA cable included (1000 pesos – this size used monitor on Mercadolibre would cost 1500 pesos or...
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    Get your pots out for the lads!

    GSDirtboy's story is great. I, too, was troubled by the tone of tomdesigns post. Poor people aren't less intelligent, but often have less social, educational and cultural capital with which to negotiate the world. And for many of us, even as fortunate as we are, worries about a place to live...
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    Province stores in BA

    Thanks. Any idea what it's called?
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    Province stores in BA

    I remember reading somewhere that each province has an office of some sort, with a store that sells local artesenal goods from that province, in Capitol Federal. Now I can't find anything about them. I'm particularly interested in finding the ones from the Salta and Jujuy area. Does anyone...
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    How to watch US TV

    We have two Rokus for sale - see the classifieds - that work great with a VPN for getting US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc.
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    Selling phone with SIM card?

    The details on the phones are in the "classifieds" section under electronics. One is 90, one is 150. I'm guessing you might be able to resell at the end for similar pricing, and just keep those phones moving around! Since we can sell with the...
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    Dollar trade at 5.60 ??

    Where did you sell them at that rate?
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    New Classifieds

    Not sure if we're allowed to do this (I'm sure I'll get deleted if we're not), but I wanted to let people know we just put a bunch of stuff in the "classifieds" section, since we're leaving in a month. Good stuff, I promise!
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    Selling phone with SIM card?

    I was thinking it might be nice for someone newly arrived to not have to deal with getting a SIM card. Plus, if we sell it with the card, we can also recoup some of credit still on the phones.